Aging pets and " nursing "

It is said that Japan is aging at a rate unmatched in other countries.

Now the same is starting to happen to pets. Pet Food Association "National dog cat breeding Survey" According to the, the average life expectancy is 14.48 years old in 2020 dogs, the average life expectancy of cats 15.45-year-old has become a .
In addition, 55.6% of all dogs are seniors aged 7 and over, and more than half of the dogs in Japan are seniors. Looking at the past five years, little by little, but aged 13 and over. They tended the dog increases you will see Rukoto. (By the way, 44.1% of all cats are seniors )


Then, a new take on the pet of the aging population problem also appeared and services we have . In this column based on the current situation of the aging of pets, would like to introduce the characteristics of dogs and cats called seniors , how to care for them, and the issues and services that have emerged in connection with them .

The seniors in our human life stage are 60 years old or older in the United Nations and 65 years old or older in WHO. The senior age of dogs and cats is the approximate age of human seniors.

Senior period

How many years do dogs and cats reach the age of being called "senior", and what changes can pet owners notice?

Age , including us humans, is just a number, not a state. Dogs and cats be in exactly the same way as human beings, the process of aging in each by individual you since I was too, but the 7-year-old, began to show signs of aging. Even if there are no external symptoms, the regeneration of cells in the body is slowing down, and the activity of physical functions including the heart and immune system slowly weakens .

Cat age group

10 years Mature Period

11-14 years old Old age

15 years old and over old age

When converted to human age, a 10-year-old cat is about the same as a 56-year-old human Cat it is not uncommon to live up to 20 years of age, the human if likened if 96-year-old will be enough .

 * The cat listed in the Guinness World Records is a cat named Creme Puff in Texas, USA, who lived until the age of 38 (1967-2005) Speaking of 38 years old, it is about 168 years old in terms of human age .

Dog age group

Dogs of different sizes have different aging conditions and rates. Small dogs is due to the long life expectancy than large dogs, aging of the small dogs as compared to the large dog slowly go . Conversely, large dogs take longer to grow and age faster. So, there is no generalized age group like a cat, but generally more than 7-year-old is senior dogs and calls have Barre you.

Small dogs: 7 years old and over, elderly dogs

* The dog listed in the Guinness World Records is a dog named Bruey who was in Australia.

He lived 29 years and 5 months (1910-1939) It is about 164 years old when converted to human age .


Signs of aging in dogs and cats

□ eyes: eyes and Nino frequency is many were Tsu Decline and vision white turbidity of the eyes can be seen ( senile white in the disease the possibility of).      

□ mouth: yo Who is increased (the possibility of stomatitis). Wearing of teeth, yellowing of teeth, periodontal disease, etc. are observed. A stain appeared on the thin intima of the mouth and tongue.      

□ Ears: Hearing is no longer sensitive (ear is distant) Cry in a loud voice.      

□ Nail: My nails stretched but slowed down. The scratching too much and such became rather .      

□ Sleep time: I slept lightly. I've been sleeping longer.      

□ coat of change: hair to white hair around the beard and around-eyes of mouth the name to stand out was Tsu .      

Overall the hair becomes thinner, terms of gloss is lost, hair loss also became more ( the hair grows even slow
kuna Ru)

* For cats , the number of self-grooming (grooming your own hair) and arrow grooming (grooming for other cats
) will decrease.

□ changes in the skin: the skin is sagging, the overall tension that without the Tsu Warts are formed (malignant and benign).      

□ Changes in body shape: The spine line has changed.      

□ change of behavior: such want to go for a walk yet. It will be difficult to get up A foot at the time of the Sitting name so as to flow next to the Tsu. There is lameness that makes it impossible to walk normally. I often don't play, run, or jump.      

From the chair or fall , out entered the narrow place without this became.

□ Toilet: The number of times has decreased (may be a sign of illness). I couldn't excrete well in the toilet. Takes time to defecate and pee that , the leak you when barking with excitement , such as is the decline of urinary officer of muscle strength due to aging )      

□ Others: I became vulnerable to the cold.      


Pet dementia (dementia)

The hood wants to eat , the crying, cry becomes monotonous, will not be stuck entered the narrow place the same place the walk around and round and round will not react to the call of the owners discipline in the can was made Dementia is suspected if there are signs of disappearance Even a little If you feel Do not strange, went to the animal hospital Let's received a diagnostic test of dementia. It may be a disease such as a brain tumor, so it is important to get a diagnosis early. Even if you are diagnosed with dementia, it may be improved by taking medication and adjusting the living environment.


Long-term care

 As we humans grow older, our physical functions gradually begin to decline, our legs become weaker and easier to fall, bad breath becomes stronger, our teeth become brittle, we suffer from periodontal disease, presbyopia and deafness, etc. Various problems will occur. In addition, many people develop dementia and have difficulty in daily life. The same thing is happening to pets. Pets do not have as long a life expectancy as humans, but as pets have a longer healthy life expectancy, they need to be cared for as they grow older.

 Taking care of pets that need long-term care is more difficult than you might think. Here, we will introduce the care methods that the owner can do.


Daily health care

1. Keep a record so that you will be aware of small daily changes in state.

・ Are you drinking water? Are you drinking more or less?

Is the number of pees, color, smell, and blood mixed?

Number and condition of poop (Are there diarrhea, constipation, or blood?)

・ Are there any swelling or lumps on your body? Isn't it red? Are you scratching?

・ Are there any stains or odors on the eyes, ears, swelling or bleeding gums?

・ Do you have a healthy appetite? Eating or reluctant , or not to eat difficulty likely?

・ Isn't the way you walk different from usual?

By recording these daily, it will lead to early detection of illness and you will be able to notice small changes. The attending veterinarian nurses can tell accurately the state to.

 Also, if you measure and record your weight, body temperature, pulse, and respiration, you will be able to notice changes in your condition.


How to weigh

Hold your dog or cat on the scale and weigh the total weight. This time, grate your dog and cat and weigh the owner. If you subtract the owner's weight from the weight measured by holding it together, it will be the approximate weight of your dog or cat.

The body shape, there is no excess fat, can touch the ribs, neck of the hip, is the state is ideal where there is a Tsuriagari of the abdomen.


How to measure body temperature

The normal value is about 38.0 to 39.2 ° C for both small dogs and cats, and 37.5 to 38.6 ° C for large dogs, which is slightly lower than that for small dogs. Keep in mind that pets are about 2 degrees Celsius warmer than us because humans have a normal temperature of about 36.0 degrees Celsius.

The thermometer can be for pets or an ordinary electronic thermometer that measures aside. If the thermometer is a type that flexibly bends the part to be measured, even if the pet moves, it will not be hurt and it can be measured more safely. Gently lift the base of the tail and slowly insert it into the anus by about 2 cm. If you apply vaseline or oil in advance, you can insert it smoothly. The measurement is finished when it becomes a beep. It is recommended to wash the inserted part of the thermometer with running water, disinfect it with alcohol, and use it exclusively for your dog or cat. We also sell a probe cover that you can cover every time you use the thermometer to keep it clean.


How to measure the pulse

60 to 80 times the normal value roughly a small dog / minute, 40-50 times / large dog minute, cat in the 120 to 180 times is about / min. When excited, it easily rises above this value.

The measurement method is to find the pulsing femoral artery near the base of the hind limbs, place your fingertips on it, and measure how many times it pulsates per minute. It is okay to measure for 15 seconds and multiply by 4.


How to measure respiratory rate

For 20 to 30 times the normal value roughly a small dog / min, 1 large dog 5 times / min, is 20 to 40 times / min in the cat. When measuring your breathing, avoid exercising or after eating, and count how many times your chest moves up and down in a minute when you are relaxing or sleeping. As with the pulse, you can measure it for 15 seconds and multiply it by four.


Trimmed safe, comfortable, clean environment that

・ Take accident prevention measures

Try to eliminate steps as much as possible. Wrap the cushioning material to prevent it from hitting the corners of the furniture and injuring you. When you climb up and down the sofa with height, slope and loose and let's set up a Kana stairs. Install gates in front of the stairs and at the entrance. Bundle the cords so they don't get caught, and don't leave dangerous things on the floor. It is also important not to create a gap with the furniture .

・ If the floor is slippery, you may get injured. Don't forget to clean the hair around the pad to prevent it from slipping. It is slippery when the hair is growing. Use carpets, anti-slip mats, joint mats, etc.

・ Temperature and humidity control. There is a risk of heat stroke, especially in the home during the summer. If possible , keep the room with pets air-conditioned all day long. Humidity is high even during the rainy season, so let's cool the room by cooling or dehumidifying. Be careful not to blow it directly.

・ When you wake up in the morning, open the curtains, let them sunbathe properly, and make it dark at night to create an environment where you can sleep comfortably. Take a walk and change your mood. If you can't walk, depending on your condition, just taking a walk around the house with a hug can be a good change. When you go for a walk in the morning and in the sunlight, a rhythm is created inside the body, which is effective in preventing night squeal.

・ If the toilet continues to fail, increase the area of ​​the toilet. Even so, as we get older, we tend to hang around more often, so in that case it is recommended to wear diapers to reduce the burden on the owner. After excreting diapers, change them once. Leaving it on may cause stuffiness and dermatitis.

・ Prepare a bed that is as hard as a high-resilience bed. If it is too hard, it will cause bedsores, and if it is too soft, it will sink due to the loss of muscle mass. It is hygienic to lay a washable bath towel on the bed to prevent stains.


Excretion of assistance

Order and become elderly weakened also contractile force of the muscle of the bladder, or become frequent urination, move made and also the peristaltic motion of the intestines to decrease rather than constipation in the land may become, will come out some cases be difficult to excretion by yourself.

For many days is poo not come out, were increasingly straining it, pee drips dripping water, many times if you have symptoms such as wants to go to the toilet, please consult your animal hospital. Veterinary nurses ask them treated to.

The owner observes whether excretion ( poop pee is normal and does not change as usual, uses diapers, and cleans the genital area and anus area . The diaper is also for pets, but because high in use every day, tape type of diapers for nursing care for diapers and baby for human stomach of a part of the scissors cut a hole so that the tail is put out, you can also substitute .. Or stop around the hole in such as masking tape so as not to spill the absorbent polymer After opening the hole to.

Point is, that you use the tape type so as not to burden at the time of attachment and detachment, Tatase the firm gather part so as not to leak along around the legs, around the legs about two fingers sure not too tight so as to enter to. Diaper rash is the groin, perianal, ass around, likely to occur around the genital area of the or give in place of a single one as soon as excretion be. You can also keep it clean by laying it on a pet sheet and washing the area around the anus and genital area with lukewarm water, as it can be done several times a week Dressing bottles and spray bottles are easy to obtain and can be conveniently used by adding hot water when cleaning. After washing, gently wipe it with a towel and let it dry .


Nutrition and diet management

 Meals are very important. I hope that you will eat well, but as you grow older, you may not be able to swallow even if you want to swallow it, you may not be able to maintain your posture to eat, or you may not be able to eat the food you have been eating.

 If you feel sick and can't eat, get proper treatment at a veterinary clinic. Here, we will introduce some ideas for feeding when you stop eating without any medical problems.


When warmed, the odor increases and stimulates the sense of smell. Let's heat it in the microwave for a few seconds until it reaches the temperature of human skin.

・ Soak in water

In general, as we get older, we often prefer wet food pouches and canned foods, which are rich in water, to dry foods because they are easier to eat. If you are feeding dry food, add water or plain hot water shortly before meals to soften it.

・ Add sweetness (for dogs)

Dogs have been found to prefer sweetness. If you don't eat it, you may eat it by adding a small amount of honey or syrup. Be careful not to give too much sugar, as it will put a strain on your body.

・ Try adding chicken or fish soup

The smell increases and the water content increases, making it easier to eat. Be careful not to take too much salt.

・ Try changing the dry food from large to small.

Sometimes the shape is hard to eat and I don't like it, so small grains may eat more than large grains.

・ Purchase 500g or 1kg of food per bag

If you buy it in a large bag, it will take time to consume, and it will oxidize and the taste will deteriorate. I often hear that cats are particularly sensitive and eat freshly opened dry food, but not the next day. If you purchase it and store it in zip locks according to the amount you eat at one time, you can slow down the oxidation speed and feel the smell firmly.

・ Maintain an eating posture

As we get older, it becomes difficult to stand and eat due to muscle loss and joint problems. If you can eat while standing, put on a non-slip mat to prevent your limbs from slipping, and prepare a dining table that is about the height of your pet 's chest If your eyesight, hearing, and smell deteriorate, you often cannot recognize food in front of you, so hold the tableware in your hand and bring it close to your pet 's mouth. When you start eating, let's eat at the dining table.

If you cannot stand and eat and need food assistance , the owner should hold the pet 's upper body on his lap and raise his head. Put an easy-to-eat wet food, canned food, or liquid food on a spoon or put it in a syringe, smell the scent, and put a small amount in your mouth while calling out to eat rice. Close your mouth and gently rub your throat to encourage swallowing If you look in your mouth and there is no food left, add the next food. Repeat this and wipe the area around your mouth when you finish eating. Finally, or drink the water in the syringe be. Insert the syringe from the side of the mouth. After a meal 30 minutes, island from the esophagus to prevent aspiration and regurgitation to keep to leave the stomach has increased his head round the pillow and bath towel so that the bottom be .


If you don't have any dietary restrictions from your veterinarian, you can give it. Be careful not to give too much. Since the hard snack or difficult to eat, or give to smaller ones of the hardness of about avoid by hand to .


How to take medicine

You can mix it with food or wrap it in food to hide it .

In the ball-shaped use a small amount of canned method of embedding the medicine in it also there. However, if you are sensitive to odors , rolling the medicine into balls with your hands may transfer the smell of the medicine to the hood and leave only the balls containing the medicine clean. In that case, do not touch the medicine directly with chopsticks, but wrap the medicine in a canned hood to make it into a ball.

If you find it to be a medicine and cannot take it, open your mouth, drop the medicine in the back of your throat, close your mouth, pour a small amount of water from the side of your mouth with a syringe, and rub your throat. I did drink properly, or not or fell to the floor and let's check again. If you put it on the tongue, it will try to move the tongue and it will fail, so I think that it will work if you do it with the image of dropping it in the back of the throat. If you can't take the medicine, talk to your veterinarian.


Bathing / shampoo

Bathing can keep the skin clean and has the advantages of promoting blood flow and activating metabolism, but on the other hand, it leads to exhaustion of physical strength and a heavy burden on the body for pets during the nursing care period Bathing in primary care veterinarian if you want to bathe is sure whether it is possible to .

Let's take a bath when you are in good physical condition. Also, leave at least one hour after eating. Avoid coughing or diarrhea.

Lay a bath mat to prevent slipping in the bathroom. Cold season is the bathroom, in order to eliminate the warming difference between the dressing room, previously issued a shower, Preheat your bathroom, multiplied by bathing after the dryer room that also let's warm put the air conditioning.

Gums of color before bathing, tongue color, such as to confirm the presence or absence of cough, or finished the excretion as far as possible be. Brushing while the condition of the skin, also the presence or absence of diaper rash checks be . Take it to the bathroom with a hug and wash it with the usual shampoo procedure. Pay attention to your gums, tongue color, and coughing while taking a bath, and if something goes wrong , stop without overdoing it and take it to the hospital . After taking a bath, dry it thoroughly with a towel, then move it with your hug and dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer. Encourage them to drink water after taking a bath.

If you can't take a bath, wipe your body with a warm towel. It is recommended to prepare sheets for the face, body, and excretion part Head, face → body → or give wipe while changing the towel in the order of genital be. Don't overdo it while looking at your pet 's physical condition, and today you can just look around your face. Give as little as possible burden is Rukoto is important .


Turn over

If you are bedridden, the same area will be compressed, blood circulation will be impaired, and bedsores will occur. In order to prevent bedsores, or give to change the body of direction every four hours to. Stroking your back, slide your caregiver's left arm from your pet 's neck to your chest and your right arm from your pet 's right hip to your hips. Place the pet prone or sitting while keeping it in close contact with the pet so that it can be pulled to the caregiver's body Place your pet 's back on the caregiver's thighs and gently slide your body onto the mat. Areas where bedsores are likely to occur are the cheeks, shoulders, elbows, carpals, hips, and foot roots. Pressure sores have either not been able to check want to.


Night cry

 In older dogs, meaning even cry continue without taking out a monotonous voice in the middle of the night, that not stop crying no matter what was several hours also followed comes out that Owners and families will be undersleep and stressed that they may be annoying the neighborhood.

 It is very important to reduce the burden of long-term care by closely observing the dog and controlling it well.


The reason why the night squeal begins

・ I can't move my body well

You may not be able to turn over or stand up due to muscle weakness.

・ I'm sick, I have pain or itching somewhere in my body

 You may have itching such as skin disease or otitis externa. You may also have pain due to a visceral disorder or physical discomfort.

・ I can't see or hear

 As we get older, the audiovisual function deteriorates. And not hear invisible from anxiety say sometimes crying begins. The farther you are, the louder the cry tends to be.

・ Other

 The room temperature and humidity may not match, the bed may not match, or you may be hungry.


Correspondence of night squeal

・ Adjust the body clock (adjust the rhythm of life in the morning sun)

 At the beginning of the day, take a walk in the morning sun. Even if you are bedridden, move your bed to the window side in the morning and try to sunbathe in the room.

・ Get a check for pain and itching

Do not place in an environment that causes invisible anxiety due to deterioration of visual function.

Don't put anything in the room that hits you or something new that feels different.

・ Put clothes with the owner's scent on the side

In some cases, the audiovisual function may be impaired, and the owner may be searched for and squeal. You don't always stay by your side, so you can feel secure by leaving clothes or blankets with the owner's scent .

・ Give food and snacks

 If you prepare a food ball with a little food in it, eating it will often fill your stomach and sleep.

・ Other

 A massage before going to bed is also effective. Some oils used for massage can be expected to have a sleeping effect . On the other hand, some dogs don't like the smell of oil, so start with a small amount.



 Wandering in the case of a dog with crying, bothers the owners put in nursing will it can be said that the number of trouble.

When you become an old dog, you keep moving forward or walking in a circle for no particular reason. In addition, you will be able to see things such as moving forward but not being able to move backwards, standing still in an obstacle, or getting stuck in a narrow space and squeaking.

 If you have vestibular disorders such as swirling, swaying black eyes, or tilting your neck, talk to your veterinarian first.

Correspondence of wandering

・ Do not make a gap

It is often stuck  between furniture, etc., so make sure there is not enough space for the dog's head. In addition, it often hits the corners and may hurt the eyeballs, so it is necessary to wrap cushioning material or cloth around the corners of furniture and figurines to prevent injury.

・ Attach a mat etc. inside the circle

 If you have a circle with a certain size, attach a mat (you may use a cushioning material such as a foot mat in the bathroom) inside the circle so that it will not hurt if you hit it. I will. For small dogs, one option is to use a home pool for children.

 Also, lay the mat on the floor to prevent it from tipping over and injuring you. However, a thick mat will make it difficult to walk, so choose the material and height that suits your dog.


Pet care service

As pets grow older, they need the same care as humans For example, excretion failure to food becomes narrower, such eaten well hood is not Do it becomes difficult legs is weakened walking any symptoms Do not to be seen many you can me . In addition, due to the onset of dementia, in addition to squeaking at night and wandering (circling around the same place) , it becomes impossible to discipline, and it interferes with life such as hitting furniture or walls due to visual impairment. Will come out .


In the future, as the aging society progresses further, the number of owners who are in a state of elderly care, which is regarded as a problem in human care sites, is increasing As humans age and pets age, the situation of elderly breeders and elderly pets is being created. In fact, the collapse of pet breeding for the elderly has begun, and in Kawasaki City, the Kawasaki Elderly and Pet Problems Study Group " has been established to support the early resolution of pet problems associated with the aging of owners. We are working toward the goal.


In addition, than the breeders that pets live longer, only pet one dog left behind the case , such as an increasing number of Teku that will There are already new facilities and services such as "Old dog home", " Housing for the elderly with services that allow pets to live together , and pets for the elderly", and Pet trust .

Old dog home, can leave with peace of mind the old dog because it is the facility the owner is happy service even to those who would give up breeding on the grounds that it is the elderly would say . On the other hand pet live Allowed the elderly residential and pet-friendly nursing home, pets and pleasant residence that ask them to move into their own elderly facility, offers services such as live pets with peace of mind you . Pet trust is a service that allows you to entrust your pet and its breeding expenses to a new breeder after your death by concluding a trust contract before you live. This ensures that left-behind pets are not handed over to the health center and are not subject to slaughter .


Old dog home

The old dog home, from the owner that has become impossible to take care of the old dog for any reason, in facilities that care custody the old dog in the short-term and long-term be. The number of occupants of old dog homes is gradually increasing, and the consultation desk for old dog home search and old dog care operated by Ribmo Co., Ltd. "Old dog care (link: https://www.rouken-care." According to jp / r) ”, according to the 2021 survey, the number of paid occupants of old dog homes nationwide was 599, and the number of paid occupants of old cat homes was 80 .


Pet care

There is in the survey, with pet bereavement some owners that have experienced one of the 544 people, answer the death of a pet is that it was a "senility" is now accounted for 44% was. Longevity of the pet becomes more and is currently, also owners that care for the sick at home in addition to care for the sick in the animal hospital is many will come. Farewell to your beloved pet is a sad event for the owner. If you died in the animal hospital, but you give the appropriate treatment by a veterinarian and animal nurse, you at home, Mitra was the case even subsequent enshrined owners do look like.


How to place at home

1. 1. Cleanse the body

 Established a coat with a brush, wipe clean the body with a cloth dampened with hot water, etc. I'll have. By laying pet sheets under the body, you can keep it clean by changing the sheets even if body fluids come out.

2. 2. Prepare for rigor mortis

 After wiping your body clean, bend your limbs toward your chest to prepare for rigor mortis. If you do not do this, you may not be able to fit in the casket and it will be difficult to provide a natural memorial service. In the case of small animals such as dogs and cats, in general, because there is stiff for 2 to 3 hours begin, early as possible Ku line has .

3. 3. Prepare the casket

 Prepare a casket to hold your pet's body There are some on the market, but we will prepare a box large enough to hold the body . When cremation , please note that non-burning materials (metal, etc.) cannot be placed in the casket In addition, so that the wear and tear the body, or place the dry ice or cold material under the blanket or towel that was laid in the coffin be. When placed in a heated room in winter, cooling the pet's stomach and head can prevent rot.

The corpse cannot be left indefinitely. Roughly from the enshrined in about one day , you cremation, or burial to .


 For pet bodies , contact the municipal office and they will tell you how to do it. There are also pet cremation companies around the world, and your veterinary clinic should be able to help you.

 There is also a service to make jewelry from pet remains and hair. Whatever the form, it is important to take care of it and say goodbye in a way that the owner is satisfied with.


Pet loss (death of pets)

The fact that pet of life is extending is, the more time becomes longer being with a pet , so sadness of time who lost a pet is strongly appears there is a Rukoto . When the sadness becomes severe, psychological as "pet loss syndrome", also Oh case that in the worst case becomes a physical disease Ri you.

 The pet self-help group for families who have lost Pet Lovers Meeting "  in the "meeting" once in three months, the loss of the pet offers a place where people who are in the grief support each other ..

Pet Lovers Meeting

* Use of Chinese medicine!

You can't stop aging, but it's also a good idea to use Chinese medicine as an anti-aging agent to stay as healthy as possible.

To know about Chinese medicine anti-aging, you need to know about the "kidney" of the five organs. An important keyword in Chinese medicine is the five organs.

The five organs are the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. These five organs are an expression peculiar to Chinese medicine. For example, in modern medicine, the liver is different from the liver. Of these five organs, the kidney is the most associated with aging.

The kidneys and kidneys in modern medicine are also different. If the kidney is the range that is wide. The function of the kidney is similar to that of the kidney and adrenal gland. Therefore, when the function of the kidneys is reduced, water metabolism deteriorates and swelling occurs. You may have frequent urination, you may not be able to throw away waste products, and your body may not be moisturized. In addition, hormone secretion from the adrenal glands deteriorates. There are various types of hormones that come out of the adrenal glands, so the effects are huge. For example, adrenaline, sex hormones, and growth hormone. Disrupted adrenaline secretion can reduce motivation. The function of growth hormone is, as the name suggests, involved in the growth of the body. Another important function of growth hormone is the recovery of the body. It is said that the quality of sleep is good when growth hormone is secreted firmly during sleep.

This allows growth hormone to work at night to restore the body.

If growth hormone does not work well, the body will not recover and aging will progress.

Therefore, maintaining kidney function leads to anti-aging.


Then, in Chinese medicine, what kind of thing is used is written as a kidney medicine to supplement, and a kidney medicine is used. As the name suggests, it supplements the function of the kidneys.


There are various adrenal gland drugs that are also used to protect the adrenal glands, but the representative one is

It is a crude drug called Rokujo, which is a deer horn.

It is also famous as a representative of anti-aging.

Deer mushrooms are dried soft horns that have not yet hardened before the stag has grown .

Along with ginseng, it is an indispensable medicine in Chinese medicine Since ancient times in Japan, deer mushrooms have been used as a medicine for longevity, and it is also described in the Nihon Shoki. An event called medicine hunting " is described in the Nihon Shoki, in which a woman picks herbs and a man goes to the deer's horn.


This deer mushroom is widely used , and the deer mushroom "increases vitality, becomes a source of bone marrow and blood, rejuvenates, strengthens muscles, strengthens bones, and causes all diseases, deafness, blindness, diarrhea, etc. due to exhaustion of physical strength. It cures diarrhea and intestinal diseases. "


This wide range is due to the fact that the functioning of the kidneys includes the kidneys and adrenal glands.

It is widely applied from nocturia to muscle strengthening , including anti-aging .


Another well-known prescription as a renal supplement is Hachimijiogan.




Mature Rehmannia (Juku Rehmannia): figwort family, Hokyo drugs Hoketsu drugs / fine temperature

Mountain Fructus (Cornus officinalis): Mizuki family, Osamushibu drugs KataTadashi Chijiminyo stop band drugs / fine temperature

Yamayaku (powdered medicine): chrysanthemum family, Hokyo drugs Hokiyaku / flat

Alismataceae ( if Takuse): Alismataceae family, water utilization滲湿drugs water use anti-tumor drug / cold

茯 蓓Bukuryo ): Polyporaceae water-utilizing moisturizer — water- utilizing antitumor flat

Peony bark: Peony, heat- removing drug — fresh- heat detoxifier / slight cold

~ Above, "Rokumiji Huangmaru" ~

Keishi: Lauraceae, Resolving agent — divergent cold medicine warm

Cannon tuber (rude): Ranunculaceae, Yutakaurayaku / heat


* Explanation of crude drugs

· Rehmannia is, action to prevent aging supplement the nutrition, anti-inflammatory hemostatic action, action there to improve the reflexes you will .

· Mountain Fructus is an action to prevent aging and help the work of Rehmannia help you . The tinnitus with Rehmannia, dizziness, fatigue and helplessness of Koshihiza, nocturnal emissions, jigs and night sweats you .

・ Yamayaku, along with Rehmannia glutinosa, cures night sweats, heat, dry mouth, and fatigue.

Omodaka works on the kidneys to excrete excess water in the blood as urine.

China root moves excess water into the blood, such as water in the digestive tract, joints, muscles, and tissues, and diureses.

・ Peony skin cures the feeling of heat and hot limbs associated with bleeding and congestion.

- Keishi is to improve blood circulation, blood stasis help the removal action of you .

· Tuber warms the body you . In addition, it works with Keishi to improve joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, etc. caused by cold and excess water.



In addition, there are many types of renal supplements, and the appropriate Chinese medicine varies from person to person.

If you are taking Chinese medicine, it is recommended that you consult a pharmacist who is familiar with Chinese medicine.