Dog discipline-corrected answering machine

At a veterinary clinic, the owner may ask, "My child can't answer by himself . What should I do?" This time I would like to talk about the dog's answering machine.

As a dog's behavior that is in trouble because he can't answer the phone , ( 1) he makes a rough appearance in a place other than the toilet. ② I keep crying and barking because of the anxiety that the owner has disappeared. ③ When the owner returns home, the inside of the house is cluttered and all-you-can-eat. It can be roughly divided into these three actions, one may be one, and two or three may overlap. In, what their owners in order to improve these action yo if I think prayer?

First of all, how old are your dogs If you are a puppy or a young one or two years old, you still want to play. In the case of puppies, the excretion interval is short, and it is thought that the age of the puppies corresponds to the time when excretion can be tolerated up to about months. If you are 5 months old, 5 hours is the limit. Meals puppies day is the times is ideal. Adult dogs ( year old and older) generally have a wider interval between meals and excretion, and can eat twice in the morning and evening, and can have an answering machine for 6 to 8 hours. Please make as much time as possible to spend with us until you are about year old . By doing so, your dog's emotions will be stable, and you will not be anxious, and your life with your dog will be even more enjoyable. If you are a married couple and you have to stay at home for more than 8 hours when you are a puppy, we recommend that you consider it because there are dog kindergartens and babysitters now .

There are a few things I would like you to do before you leave your answering machine. Instead of suddenly leaving your answering machine for a long time, start your puppy little by little from a very short time (a few minutes). First, I would like to talk about two very important trainings.

1. Do toilet training

If you leave your answering machine, you may end up in a place other than the toilet because of anxiety. First of all, let's train so that you can excrete in the toilet with confidence even if you do not have an owner In a room such as the living room where you spend the longest time with your dog, we will prepare a large circle where dogs without a roof can spin around and spread pet sheets. If you play with pet sheets or try to eat pet sheets, there is a toilet that fits a mesh net type on the pet sheets so that you can not peel it off, so please use it. You can reduce the chance of failure by being surrounded. Limit your dog's range of activity to that room until you learn the toilet. Observe the timing of excretion and guide them to the toilet to excrete. When you wake up in the morning, guide them after eating, drinking water, before and after a walk, after playing, and before going to bed. It's difficult at first, but as you get older, the excretion interval becomes longer, so let's teach it well. If you can do it well, praise it and give it on the spot immediately. It is important to keep the rewards out of reach of the dog near the toilet so that they can be given immediately. If you can do it in the toilet circle with a probability close to 100%, you can gradually expand the range of activities so that you can go to other rooms It is very important not to get angry even if you do it in a place other than the toilet There is nothing good to get angry with. Rather, it is negative and promotes anxiety. If the odor remains, it may be excreted there again, so be sure to take the odor firmly. For dogs, absorbent entrance mats and bath mats, cloth sofas, rugs, tatami mats, etc. can easily be mistaken for toilets and can be excreted in the wrong place, so remove or keep them away until you remember the location of the toilet properly. close the door to, such as obstacles the place so that you do not close physically.

2. Do crate training

Training a dog so that it can be quietly relaxed in a narrowly enclosed place (crate) is called crate training. Crate training is very useful not only for answering machines, but also for moving cars, leaving your pet at a pet hotel, taking you to a veterinary clinic, traveling or evacuating in the event of a disaster, so be sure to train on a regular basis. If your dog learns that it is safe to be in the crate, you can enter the crate and wait quietly in the event of an unexpected earthquake or lightning without being overly anxious.

The size of the crate is the height that the dog can stand in the crate, and it is enough if there is enough width to go inside and turn. Instead of using a soft material such as cloth, it is recommended to prepare a sturdy plastic material that can be removed from the door and can be removed from above. If a hard durable material is a man by the earthquake is one product that you can prevent injury if entered the crate also fell. Be sure to put the crate in the living room where your family spends time. Enter the crate = don't give the impression of being alone. Crate = Train to be a place where you can rest with peace of mind.

First, put your favorite foods and snacks in the crate so that you can enter the crate yourself. Never force your butt. Dogs feel a little uneasy about what they see for the first time and what they touch. At this time, it is recommended to remove the crate door at first so that the crate door will not close unexpectedly and you will not be surprised. When you enter the crate yourself, add additional food and snacks through the gaps in the crate. If the dog starts to wait in the crate with peace of mind without showing anxious behavior, it may be okay to close the door by putting a hood or snack through the gap of the door with the door closed. Let me learn. The owner sometimes rewards the crate while watching TV or doing household chores. By doing this, even if the owner is away from the place for a while, he will learn that good things will happen if he is in the crate, he will love the crate, and he will be at ease in the crate even when he is away from home. You will be able to rest.

 If you feel more at ease with potty training and crate training, let's have your answering machine little by little. At first, the owner goes to a different room and returns immediately, then he gets into the crate and goes to the bathroom in the meantime, tries to make a gesture of holding a key at the entrance, just leaves the entrance and takes out the garbage immediately come back, try to go shopping to the vicinity of the supermarket try to go out of hour, gradually Once you have become accustomed if extended your answering machine of the time by hours, please try to. If the dog behaves a little uneasy as a result of the lengthening, go back to the previous step. By doing this, the dog will be able to wait for the return with peace of mind even if the owner is gone.

 When you are away from home, be careful about preparing clean and fresh water, cleaning the toilet before going out, and controlling the temperature and humidity. Also, keep things that are dangerous to your dog in your mouth, things that you don't want to be destroyed or tampered with, out of reach of your dog. Of the dog in place even biting love and good toys, dog is time for a long time your answering machine is their owners is to give put a special snack to become obsessed about not even notice was no longer in the midst of Cong, induction in a crate And it is also effective to give.

 In the case where the house is cluttered when you come home all the time, the dog may be a part of the play even if the owner has a lot of physical strength and the behavior is troublesome for the owner. In such a case, please take a good walk before your answering machine. If your desire to play or walk is met, you will be able to sleep slowly in the crate while you are away.

 The owner's return home is the best reward for a dog. You may be overjoyed and pee, or you may be overly excited. After returning home, wash your hands, take a breath, and take a skinship when your dog is calm.

 Finally, I would like to talk about separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is anxiety symptoms such as excessive crying, howling, breaking things (destructive behavior) , and improper excretion due to excessive anxiety only in the absence of the owner , and vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, and excessive dermatitis. It is one of the problematic behaviors that may be accompanied by symptoms such as licking one's body to the extent that it causes anxiety, and it requires treatment called behavioral treatment Symptoms of separation anxiety often occur within 30 minutes of the owner's outing. Attaching a pet camera to your living room with your dog will give you an important clue as to what's going on. If you have good potty training, crate training, and answering training, but you don't see any signs of improvement, you're very anxious, you're over-screaming, you're howling, and you 're often out of the toilet. in pee and poo results in, excessive brute hair Roy to, the rough breath and Haahaa comes to your answering machine, a desk and chair biting , are behaviors such as desperately scratching more than necessary the door can be seen If as soon as possible, go to the veterinary clinic and be referred by a behavior therapy specialist.

The etiology of separation anxiety is that the owner is not accustomed to going out (lack of training in the answering machine), and the owner's lifestyle suddenly changed (always at home but suddenly went out to work). others, etc.), the owner at the time of going out or when returning home is gone and the excessive affection representation (hundred-chan, come go but lonely mom put words such as, physical contact, etc.), excessive attachment relationship (always room (For example, if you move around or follow the toilet and never leave the owner's side), you may be separated from your mother dog early due to unreasonable early weaning and you may have a strong tendency to anxiety. Diagnosis, detailed counseling and excessive barking occur in the absence of the owner, howl, destruction, improper excretion sure, videos taken at the time of the owner of going out and audio on the basis of the will be diagnosed. The main treatments are to rebuild the relationship of trust between the owner and the dog , gradually get used to the stimulus of an answering machine, and at the same time, get a delicious snack by using an answering machine as a reward. , The level of anxiety varies depending on the dog, so if you show any anxiety, reduce the stimulus to a level that does not make you feel anxious. You have to be careful while observing the dog. Anxiolytics may be prescribed if the symptoms of anxiety are very strong. Separation anxiety can be treated with behavioral therapy and medication. However, it takes time to improve the problem, and treatment often takes months.


For pets who are usually frustrated and anxious, we also recommend using Chinese medicine. If you are irritated, Yokukansankachimpihange is a popular Chinese medicine, and if you have a strong anxiety, Kamikihito is a popular Chinese medicine. If the ups and downs are severe, use a Chinese medicine called Koso-san, which regulates the autonomic nerves.



Yokukansankachimpi half-summer

① Nervousness, ② Easy to get angry, ③ Insomnia



Angelica (Registration): Seri family, Hokyo drugs Hoketsu drugs / temperature

Ligusticum striatum (classification): Umbelliferae, Katsuchika瘀薬Katsuchi Shitsu drugs temperature

茯 蓓Bukuryo ): Polyporaceae water-utilizing moisturizer — water- utilizing antitumor flat

Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae (Byakujutsu): chrysanthemum family, Hokyo drugs Hokiyaku / temperature

Saiko: Umbelliferae, table- dissolving drug — divergent wind fever / mild cold

Tsurifujikagi (butterfly Toko): Akane family, flat liver熄風drugs -熄風antispasmodics / fine cold

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra): bean family, Hokyo drugs Hokiyaku / flat

~ Above, "Yokukansan" ~

Chenpi: Rutaceae, physiologic / warm

Hangame: Araceae, sputum / warm (toxic)


* Explanation of crude drugs

- angelica and ligusticum striatum in, has the effect of warm skin, muscles, joints, bone, nerve, etc., skin, jigs and the poor circulation to promote the circulation of the peripheral limbs and . In addition to improve the blood flow in the artery, blood stasis help the action, except for you . Toki mainly improves blood flow in the limbs and lower body to cure poor circulation. Kawasato mainly improves blood flow in the upper body and cures headaches.

Bai zhu and Bai zhu move excess water into the blood, such as water in the digestive tract, joints, muscles, and tissues, and diuretic.

Saiko relieves mental stress such as frustration, tension, anxiety, and depression. It also cures stress-induced motor dysfunction in the autonomic innervation area, and bloating, discomfort, and stiffness caused by muscle tone in the back and chest and sides.

Uncaria rhynchophylla has antihypertensive, sedative, hypnotic, and antispasmodic effects. In particular, there is a step-down effect of the brain arteries dilating action, sedation mower cure irritability, insomnia Ri you.

・ Licorice is said to relieve urgency, supplements the splenic stomach, moisturizes the lungs, removes poisons, and harmonizes various medicines. In addition, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, effects such as anti-ulcer, hyperlipidemia improvement has not been confirmed it .

· To half the summer, there is antitussive and sedative鎮嘔the action of the central nervous system, act mower to dissolve the mucus (phlegm) in addition you will .

·茯苓is turned and water to improve the stomach in the suspension of water supply, chenpi helps warm digest the stomach you .


Kami Kihito

① Anemia, ② Depression, ③ Insomnia



Carrots (carrots): Araliaceae family, Hokyo drugs Hokiyaku / fine temperature

Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae (Byakujutsu): chrysanthemum family, Hokyo drugs Hokiyaku / temperature

茯 蓓Bukuryo ): Polyporaceae water-utilizing moisturizer — water- utilizing antitumor flat

Ginger (business conditions): ginger family, the solution table drugs divergence wind Samuyaku / fine temperature

Dainatsume (too much): buckthorn family, Hokyo drugs Hokiyaku / temperature

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra): bean family, Hokyo drugs Hokiyaku / flat

Angelica (Registration): Seri family, Hokyo drugs Hoketsu drugs / temperature

Astragalus (mystery): bean family, Hokyo drugs Hokiyaku / fine temperature

Toshi (Onji): Polygalaceae, peace of mind drugs Yokokoro peace of mind drugs / fine temperature

Mokkou: Asteraceae, physiologic / warm

Ryugan'niku (Ryugan'niku): soapberry family, Hokyo drugs Hoketsu drugs / temperature

Buckthorn : Buckthorn, Buckthorn — Anshin Yaku / Taira

~ Above "Kihito" ("Ginseng ~ Licorice" = Sijunzi hot water) ~

Saiko: Umbelliferae, table- dissolving drug — divergent wind fever / mild cold

Gardenia (Shi Saegusa): Rubiaceae, Kiyoshinetsuyaku Kiyoshi heat瀉火drugs / cold

Peony bark: Peony, heat- removing drug — fresh- heat detoxifier / slight cold


* Explanation of crude drugs

the carrot and Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae to improve gastrointestinal function, action there to supplement the care you will . Bai zhu has the effect of removing water retention in the stomach and tightening the relaxed gastrointestinal tract in combination with ginseng.

・ Ginseng has a hematopoietic effect and an effect of increasing stomach acid.

Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae,茯苓is, the digestive tract, intra-articular, intramuscular, such as water between the organization, and the excess moisture to move into the blood, diuretic and .

・ Jujube relieves tension and has blood-replenishing, tonic, and diuretic effects.

Ginger warms the surface and the body of the body you . Further improve the function of the stomach, dividing the excess water will come . It also has a stomachic and vomiting effect.

- licorice established a gastrointestinal function, retrieve the tension and Ri . Complement the moisture of the lung have . It also detoxifies drug and food poisoning and harmonizes various medicines.

· Dainatsume, ginger, 3 combination of the taste of licorice, has been widely used since ancient times, has been to have helped the recovery of the adjustment and the natural healing power of the autonomic nervous system you .

Angelica acutiloba has a blood-increasing effect.

Sansoninto and Toshi have a sedative effect.

Astragalus skin, extremities, swelling of the face, except by the diuretic action, action there to stop the self-sweat you will .

Kika has a stomachic effect.

Saiko relieves mental stress such as frustration, tension, anxiety, and depression. It also cures stress-induced motor dysfunction in the autonomic innervation area, and bloating, discomfort, and stiffness caused by muscle tone in the back and chest and sides.

gardenia and peony skin , the anger, frustration, excitement, action to cure the bleeding and inflammation there .




Kobushi Sedge family , physiologic medicine / flat

Perilla leaf Shiso leaf ( Shisoyo ): Labiatae, perilla- dissolving agent — divergent cold medicine warm

Chenpi: Rutaceae, physiologic / warm

Ginger (business conditions): ginger family, the solution table drugs divergence wind Samuyaku / fine temperature

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra): bean family, Hokyo drugs Hokiyaku / flat


* Explanation of crude drugs

· Incense tuber, except for the stagnation of mood, Junra the blood and then .

· SoYo, Kaihyo effect on ginger (chill of the cold by sweating, fever, to improve the headache), antipyretic analgesic action there you will .

Chenpi removes water poisoning (Note , warms the stomach and improves abdominal fullness. Further improve the loss of appetite caused by indigestion accompanied by diarrhea and .

Ginger warms the surface and the body of the body you . Further improve the function of the stomach, dividing the excess water you can . Stomach鎮嘔action mower you will .

- licorice established a gastrointestinal function, retrieve the tension and Ri . Complement the moisture of the lung have . In addition to detoxification drugs, the poisoning of food, harmonize the various drugs and .


(Note the body moisture to accumulate in, various symptoms caused by not being discharged is . Cold, dizziness, headache, atopic dermatitis, rhinitis, asthma, fatigue, Zuomo sense of edema, such as the symptoms caused by Mizudoku is .


In order to choose the correct Chinese medicine, it is necessary to consider the constitution of the pet. If you want to use Chinese medicine, please consult with a specialist.