Five organs and blood

Care blood water of in today blood is. But the common would be damn problem , blood but would be a problem but it will be water problems , for example, not enough , or too many and say there is a problem And most of the time, the problem of lacking comes up In addition, there is a problem that it does not go around To put it simply, it's blood flow problem .

First is the action of blood Blood of Kichisui is Care It was also very various kinds also work a lot , but there was , blood work of rather complex up there it acts like imaginable .

The first is nutritional action. It is a story of delivering nutrition to the whole body The second is the moisturizing effect. This is the body moisten that work is Moisturizing the body while nourishing it is the main function of blood Naturally, if the action of giving one nutrition is reduced, nutrition will be delayed. Where influence is received or when stuck with watermelon have UTO because begin to be affected from the locations to use a lot of blood of nutrition what kind of place Katoi UTO one is still muscle Power does not enter the muscle Toka, or would tremble Consensus cormorant problem is out of you. Another problem is the eye problem.. Eyes because so it is the brain but , brain Toka eye is the place to use a lot of amount of blood There is a problem around that . The second is the moisturizing power . Moisturizing effect. This is decreased and become various and dry For example, skin problems and hair gloss Mouth Toka dry eye Toka eye problems also comes out Various places become dry and various problems occur .

In another another element have UTO old people are blood because was the idea that it is an important substance of mental activity This is a modern cerebral blood flow problem Blood so involved in after all mental activity and is insufficient with mental problems will occur, will talk about that Brain blood flow in terms of the contemporary is decreases and worrying about things like insomnia happening would equivalent to that When as blood I said earlier is no longer enough muscle problems eye problems after drying of the problem after you come out is that mental problems .

Third in special and blood and the fine is based in together we each other have dependent if there is a Utoyuu thought. Well fine you what I described Click on the And eat the food to put a fine or say . A fine and say What is the live implications mower that energy as life required on the go you will, but is close to the hormone in terms of the contemporary When the hormone balance is lost but will proceed it is gradually aging hormones that act firmly growth Toka Toka development germ can. This is the traditional Chinese medicine say where precision is . Accuracy Jinsei says that but , seminal because the kidney has been stored that there is a way of thinking The difference is a little , Kichisui is must Junra You have to go around all the time . Precision in where needed to stay when needed they will appear only in. So are hormones . It is difficult if any hormone is released all the time Hormones are also secreted only when needed Adrenaline is also available only when needed. It's hard to get out all the time Of Kichisui fine just out only when necessary and is usually stays there a difference that is .

The seminal and blood is really because there is a relationship why or in order to know is, you first need to describe kidney. Five organs six internal organs of renal and say what you are back of a say and kidney and adrenal glands now is Tsu door talk about the fact that there is a small azuki- sized thing on the kidney, which is the adrenal gland, and various hormones are released from it but in Oriental medicine, the kidney is the kidney plus the adrenal gland now. Please Including the adrenal glands, which produce a variety of hormones and function of the kidney kidney is A variety of hormones in the adrenal glands seminal that it is is stored this is easy to say when the blood and the fine and , Say It is a hormone The kidneys and blood are dependent on each other . Why say whether first systemic blood the amount of is to have decided is the kidney in terms of the internal organs The kidneys determine the amount of blood in the whole body The kidneys basically filter the blood to pee what you don't need This kidney recognizes the amount of blood in the whole body and gives an instruction to make it if it is not enough At that time, the kidneys give instructions to the bone marrow to release hormones Hormone and blood and kidneys to each other off even cut tied Ri is a relationship . It old man blood and seminal because in conjunction with each other that each other instead have the representation you.

Relations and of five viscera blood or is how operation First five viscera of the commentary to the There are five viscera : liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. The liver is a storehouse that stores blood And the liver is the place to distribute blood throughout the body Think of it as warehouse that distributes where to send blood What is the mind? This is the pump function It is a pump function to move blood throughout the body The spleen is digestion It is digestion and absorption. The lungs are breathing The autonomic nerve is the most related to breathing Breathing and autonomic nerves are dependent on each other If you breathe slowly, you will relax and if you breathe quickly, you will get excited When you are relaxed Conversely breathing Yu' It should be the chestnut and breathing becomes battle mode is a fast and Ri. Because of that respiration and autonomic nervous is each other and each other dependent health law there that breathing techniques you will. This is the kidney I talked about earlier Kidney because the kidney and adrenal glands is is something like a set but here in the kidney is the body of the fine to be the original store is the place It also stores hormones and is involved in maintaining physical growth .. Although it is written that the body recovers to work at night, there are many types of spirits, that is, hormones The body working at night in this recovery is because is the action of growth hormone in the place referred to in the now Growth hormone is also secreted by the adrenal glands It is said that sleep, which is often high in growth hormone, is of very good quality, but in the end, growth hormone is released from the adrenal glands to restore the body used during the day This is well not come out with a minute of recovery can be because it will be referred to as aging progresses I often talk about the relationship between kidneys and aging Oriental medicine to see if kidney , but the aging There are very relationship be so also in modern medical but so is talk of growth hormone, which I said actually the kidney is called the organ to determine the age I will Toka amount of kidney systemic minerals controls the blood but , this control is disturbed and the age has been known that at once proceed Is a relatively recent story , but the old man is renal and age , but we are talking about that modern medical in the kidney and also aging has been proven is that relevant Finally the same as such might break the ice that, but such relationship is considerably Oriental medicine and Western medicine and I feel that it is that you are saying has been started to say that close .

Blood would be but it would be a gas absolutely important first is the spleen. Digestion can not when the material is taken not. In short digestion and absorption is to care of the material also make because there to food can be taken , the spleen is because the work firmly blood is not that the material also take Either way, the spleen is the entrance Both are important . If you review the spleen , the first is the lungs. It's very important As I said earlier, when there is a relationship with the autonomic nerves, it has the power to use breathing to circulate throughout the body . I make it from the spleen and circulate it in the lungs What happens when this becomes blood is that the liver is a reservoir Distribute this much to the muscles and this much to the brain It is important to store the unused portion Heart is times in the pump function will. It turns around thanks to the liver and heart , but the spleen comes out here, and the conclusion is that the liver is the storage The heart is a pump function , but the spleen because like a road maintenance thing It is a blood vessel Liver and stored, by turning in the heart , spleen is the road but is the relationship that developed suddenly spleen and one is related to blood vessel Toka road have UTO , why say whether the spleen is taking the street nutrition that I said This is the place to come Nutrition reduces the to and of course muscle mass a shortage but blood vessels muscle is Blood vessels become weak and become undernourished , short because the road is a problem that becomes tattered occurs , blood with respect to the operation of the liver storage of the heart pump and the spleen is is extremely important that the maintenance of blood vessels by Which it is useless even if disturbance is Liver is disturbed and allocation the name funny you will. If your mind is disturbed, your blood will not turn. If the spleen is damaged, the blood vessels will become tattered and a liquid leak will occur This star to to keep the blood in the operation to will that it's very important .

Next is the issue of blood Care will be, but , blood but would be , water but will allo quantitative problem ,, not Junra I get is a problem in that The lack of blood is called blood deficiency That the flow of blood is bad bloodsays that It's special Chi瘀with you. Well with Chi瘀Toka blood stasis saying do you have, but the flow is good that you do not go the state that is not around Chi瘀and say it After that not flowing blood itself the blood stasis points is called a Blood stasis is in that state It points to a state that does not have around not around blood stasis of the blood and say it This just changes the order, but just like in the case of mind , each other causes each other Naturally, if there is a shortage of blood, the flow will be impaired If the water in the river decreases, the flow will become chorochoro It makes it easier for each other to wake up each other .

First is the story of Chikyo but well Chikyo and anemia difference Ha of Ri you do you will be asked a Of course, the condition of anemia is also blood deficiency but blood deficiency has a wider range What this means is that anemia often looks at hemoglobin levels Because the left is the most normal state quantitative in even firmly everyone good luck and state this is normal On the far right, this is anemia This is a matter of quantity whether it is moving or not This is the anemia says you The anemia also Chikyo is also included in the state of it , Chikyo with the problem of when they become middle Chikyo will be What that means is that there is a quantity The same amount in the case of the normal and together even each is not working firmly slowly Toka or moving will rest Toka a work situation where not Sleeping not you think you Usually by bicycle to slip move Runoni walk not you think that There is a lot, but I've fallen asleep Even if the hemoglobin value is normal, it is meaningless if it is not functioning properly The big difference between Western medicine and Oriental medicine is that Western medicine is very quantitative Cholesterol also amount is Blood of that good luck amount is not to say too much In the case of oriental medicine, function is important Western medicine amount specific emphasis say and function emphasis on oriental medicine thing is. Even if the apparent amount of hemoglobin is normal for example, if there is a symptom that there is absolutely not enough blood, such a Chinese medicine will be given For example, Toka does not work muscles value of hemoglobin is normal obvious dry Toka we are is willing if so blood to be be better to increase and give to improve the blood flow blood I gave a functional person and I think that is good will Think of it as function-oriented .

The story of the Chikyo this is has been some talk of earlier , why blood is insufficient to do and say this is very simple in reducing the amount to make The other is overuse The main problem is that the problem of lack of blood emptiness is the problem of overuse and the problem of not being able to make it If you can't make it, you can make up for it and if it's exhausted, you can suppress it, but there are various reasons why you can't make it If the reason you do not make say what is or most often for is a gastrointestinal problem . In terms of the five organs, it is a problem with the spleen. Japanese arrow is Ri stomach because the weak person is often at the very start of the problem of weak stomach , the gas-Toka blood are many people who are missing It can't be helped The rest is the kidney problem I mentioned earlier The kidneys of Zang-fu have a great influence on the amount of blood in the whole body More importantly , adrenal hormones are very important . Renal this that'll be a good thing to learn and. Toka is anemic but not a gastrointestinal problem , Chikyo Pounds Toka is , blood Do not if you have is insufficient and that, there is a kidney supplements . The other is exhaustion This is surprisingly many a lot of blood where the use muscle Toka eyes Toka said the brain. I can't say anything because I use it too much, but I often use my smartphone too much and use my eyes and brain too much to run out of blood I've talked about this several times , but in modern society too many people are suffering from headaches due to lack of blood It's been 12 to 3 years since my smartphone came out Your smartphone is really exhausting Since the world and the world of non-smartphone of the smartphone can easily go back and forth switching is has been said that imposing a burden on the brain, it is in terms of the oriental medicine blood consumption of , blood and around the consumption of Smartphone blood deficiency measures are quite effective. As for what kind of problems will occur if there is not enough this is as I said earlier And muscle problems or eye of the problem is. It is written nails easily broken is why to say whether in oriental medicine because the nails have you considered on the extension of the muscle going When the nutrition is no longer go to the muscle it looks nails because coming out is a problem with people that claw is fragile is not enough blood in terms of the oriental medicine will be one of the indicators that The rest is a mental problem Insufficient blood in the brain causes anxiety such as forgetfulness and insomnia Mental problems will naturally occur will be called .

To improve the amount of blood, there is prescription called Shimotsuto, which is famous in Chinese medicine After the turtle plate wrote that had it Compensate for the material turtle plate is It is the instep of a turtle I use something like this Many use the ones you have, but second of the blood increase are writing and compensate for the material blood wrote Zouch. one eye of build blood is written with You need materials and instructions to increase blood In short blood Make using the hormone to say to contemporary blood must have an indication that Make It is, blood is also required material for making It is written as blood that increases the material, and it is blood increase. Hematopoiesis by writing blood to make instructions to make The names are the same, but both are elephants , but the materials and instructions are above and below It says that the middle prevents bleeding This produces blood and prevents bleeding This is just the Briefly spleen question of the problem one there Spleen is because the gas would be but , blood but it will be because it will be water is related to gastrointestinal the material take you first need on Another problem with the spleen was the road problem Therefore, if you do something good for the spleen, the absorption of the first material will be positive and as a result, it will be positive for the blood vessels By preventing blood from leaking from blood vessels, you can prevent wasted blood It in the most famous prescription is what that Hochuekkito After that is to use well in strengthening the blood vessels , Panax is the carrot I use something called Panax notoginseng This is Korean ginseng separate from you, but you use may be around here Blood to make Toka corner material of deer in the direction of Toka shell of the turtle , a rather nourishment we use what's called I will talk about this later .

It is an instruction to supply and make materials After the from the blood vessels to improve the gastrointestinal problems of blood that prevent leakage spear you This time with respect to first material in it, but the really important in speaking four product hot water is Dang There is a herbal medicine that . I use Angelica acutiloba a lot Especially used for women . Dang because wording is very famous as a herbal medicine to supplement the blood and say in it those of gynecological use really . Why or say if Angelica is a return exactly , but you read, and say this is what kind of story Toka women have a female-specific disease husband had gone somewhere for example, easily after the birth at home the ones that do not go home without excellent physical condition there should be place to go home I'll as the fact that, you say that just go home It is the origin of the name of Toki that a woman returns exactly in the sense that she regains her original power Woman of about that *** as a miracle cure for the the angelica you, but , at the top Hoketsu action Toka safe womb work with or through flights action Toka wrote not you but easy to say and to increase the blood gynecological of Remedy the problem If it contains Tokishaku for example, it will not appear today, but Tokishakuyakusan is famous, but it is also used for irregular bleeding for example Decent dispersed angelica peony and I quite effectiveness will This works really well .


Where to sell is distributed angelica peony was properly not do you Angelica peony distributed is very There are many, but it think the same as kakkonto of the other day , but you have, any manufacturer's a good Once you have chosen what.


Angelica peony Ji of walk distributed because Chinese medicine that ends in is to eat with the herbal powder is correct is Hot water and ends with characters that say takes effect is best to drink brewed These are the three types that end in a circle In hot water or end up, dusting of walk or ending in , round or ending in there are three types Somehow hot water is the most effective to infuse and drink Kakkonto And encased in honey herbal medicine to eat as it is to have effective against most of Ru is a round end with Hachimijiogan. Herbal medicine and eat in the powder is the most listening is the walk distributed at ends. This is Tokishakuyakusan Powders and say it, but this to is there meaning is for example not be better better to mix the addition of heat is that decoction listening more When heat is applied to the reverse would fly really take want component guy takes effect eat in the powder so do not by the addition of heat is best Most importantly the ones that easy to take the herbal medicines of quality problems is the main , Dang is easy to fly is In Toki, the ingredients that you want to use especially in gynecology are easy to fly So angelica peony scattered like a thing I want to powder, but in powder eat products is whether.


Those that originally taken in the powder for example insurance coverage ones once all has been brewed When you remove the water, it looks like powder, but the point is that it's like instant coffee Remove water and concentrate Instant that it is coffee and extract get so Fei and into flour and if angelica peony scattered fee extract that name to change Everyone is so do not know angelica peony Shi distributed see what does not. Apart from that, it is quite effective whether it is a powder or an extract By those powders want to drink if there is that, distributed angelica peony I want especially to use in the splurge It is completely different whether it ends with Tokishakuyakusan or Tokishakuyakusan There is a huge difference here Conversely not have to worry too much, as that good in the extract agent also if any distributed five苓散Toka Dang peony is a rather in powders want to use thing Its Te Uya' see .


For the time being, choose the one that is properly powdered and is not an extract .


It is important to choose .

The angelica is contains the that a four-product hot water is. This should be decocted It is composed of four things that are all related to blood Angelica acutiloba supplements blood Skip one and supplement the blood of the peony Rehmannia glutinosa also supplements blood River Ryukyu is this is to improve blood flow Four product hot water is 4 because they one contains four products Yu says that but as to compensate for the blood is one to improve the blood flow is configuration that one has become a growth This is Shimotsuto This supplement the blood those terrible rather than a powerful Chinese medicine, but quite to the base use Blood is not enough and the base used Umono will be Angelica on the river Ryukyu there with This is very important in gynecology and combinations of Chinese medicine are still made. All is not Toka thousand years ago Toka week one hundred years ago, even now with the Chinese medicine is a new prescription in combination with this and this one, are made even now. As for gynecology, if you don't have these two types Toki and Kawakyu, you won't be able to pass About that angelica and the river suddenly very important combination is.

These four product hot water is very well used and stomach, and say in when, for example, Chinese medicine say whether use in what wind we use in Chikyo In Western medicine, it is anemia In fact, I often use it even for anemia Iron the use, Western medicine in the case of iron use the agent Iron the agent using tone of the stomach is bad that so many people that will help you change to a four-product hot water pattern are many Is only the here in a another note in fact this in the one Rehmannia is a famous herbal and easy to leaning stomach It is inconsistent I have anemia Iron stomach is useless in the agent the stomach is also a four-product hot water bad there is no reason to switch separately Once you become or not than it is a story that in fact this is Rehmannia determined by the quality of Rehmannia the sake steamed use am. So to speak cheap Rehmannia glutinosa is steamed once and finished If this is of good quality, steam 8 times 9 times If you steam it that much, it will be more effective and you will not feel heavy in your stomach If you use proper Rehmannia glutinosa Shimotsuto will not cause stomach upset So Chinese medicine of the previous Ubukata at the study session for the "four product hot water Are you sure that you want to be dripping stomach using the" say , is raise your hand teacher not listed with There are teacher This will give you an idea of ​​the quality of Rehmannia glutinosa.


Rehmannia glutinosa is a yellow root. Yellow roots of black and steaming in But sake Ri you. And Rehmannia glutinosa is also used for anti-aging Four product hot water is was properly Rehmannia is a problem without blood if the quality of when not enough at the base will be something to use .

A complement to another famous blood is , Kameshika two Sen glue famous of prescription There is . As I said before, the animal system is quite powerful . It is an animal herbal medicine called turtle shell and deer horn Turtles supplement the shadows of the kidneys And deer supplements the yang of the kidneys What is yin and yang ? It is the power and material that moisturizes yin The sun is the power to move With the turtle and deer easy to say when the work of the kidney is getting better kidney is what is used supplemented will. 0.00 The very balanced shadow have both positive compensate Shimae the fact that the most famous in the anti-aging prescription is There wolfberry and the Korean people participating contains turtle deer two Sen glue thing famous that is the Korean people participated compensate for blood typical herbal medicine is. Moreover hematopoiesis there you will. It means that ginseng is added to prepare the gastrointestinal tract while raising the condition of the kidneys with turtles and deer Last wolfberry may enter you, but wolfberry is liver and kidney makes up for Blood or to control the distribution of that supplement , kidney acts as a better deer and turtle Korea prepare the gastrointestinal contains the person may not contain ginseng is the feeling that indeed Pretty Japanese to use the base in the this is to use really really well First of all say in our industry base a little foot to strike about say a wide range used to have.

There are originally these four. This has one entered the product you use often .

Next is the issue of blood flow Cause the blood flow is poor is, Chi瘀state to become the very range is is wide There are so many reasons If you are not feeling well or if you are not feeling well, your blood flow will naturally deteriorate I have a problem with my mind Another one to understand even if is too warm easy to cold or too bad is It doesn't matter if the heat is too hot or too cold Cool and Kichisui of movement Yu' will become a chestnut Cold is because the original of all kinds of diseases are cools would if Kichisui Tour of of the bad will It should be cool because you do not. Finally Netsuyokoshima as it is written, but this is also too warm and easy to say bad is The reason is that you can't heat it too much In short heat is too muffled blood of moisture so will fly the blood of viscosity islands up is you. As a result blood flow is poor and Ri. Blood flow tends to deteriorate in midwinter and midsummer In short or too cold the state that too warm is. Can not talk today it is in terms of the five viscera because summer is the heart heart, heart. It puts a strain on your mind The reason is that the heart is a place where heat tends to accumulate because the pump is running all the time But in Is the painting produced the heat to easily confined heat is hot because more heat is in midsummer muffled. Everyone is active in the summer So the heat is likely to be confined , short heat to the engine is easy to be confined to the engine is smoking a state is the summer Moreover, it is difficult to move because the viscosity of blood is getting worse The hard to move blood muffled in a long time yet the heat is in the booming easy to state the mind is is moving it is summer So summer is five viscera referred to in the heart of the care in that it does not will. Just this heat evil is Blood flow becomes poor.

Say what it occurs when the blood flow is poor nutrition will no longer go piece by piece Because along with the not after all because the nutrition will not go to the surface the drying of the skin comes out problems such as There are also muscle problems It is the same as not going around That kind of problem occurs but it's also easy to get pain I have pain where blood flow is poor The characteristic of pain is fixed pain, that is it does not move For example, it hurts here all the time This is the case for blood flow Hot Springs to enter when the blood flow is improved warm is the pain is eliminated it is often that is quite blood flow is involved I will talk about this next time, but if it is a water problem or pain, it will move a little , and if it is a qi problem, it will move Headache and headache at the time of the meeting but it is usually okay with pain say the leave is, this is stress This is a pain caused by a qi problem. It always hurts if this is a blood flow problem It always hurts, whether it's a meeting or whatever It hurts regardless of the time of day Pain caused by blood flow By the way , it was when I woke up in the morning that the pain was caused by water For example, when you have a pain or headache , we ask if it changes depending on the time of day sometimes it gets worse or if it moves where it hurts It is necessary to determine whether the pain is related to blood flow problems fluid problems or stress If it is blood flow, the time zone does not matter so much and it is about the same place If my right shoulder hurts, my right shoulder hurts all the time .

Such various If there is a cause the cause will attack, how I Apart from that or to improve blood flow because whether to improve the blood flow to do what fundamentally you need to know Improvement of blood flow in the Korean ginseng will be very active There are two main causes of blood flow problems This is , 1 one eye quality of red blood cells is also a problem is The second is the problem of blood vessels In terms of cars, it means that there is problem with the performance of the car Road of the problem is one eye is equivalent to No matter how good the road is, it can't be helped if the car is tattered On the contrary, even if the car has very good performance, it can not run if the road is tattered Problems with the red blood cells themselves and problems with blood vessels are important Some people suffer from both problems but some people of only one side , 1 to No. 2 number will be very important is a problem of the number of red blood cells something and say here in the deformability and comes out the word to say. Deformation ability What say whether, because red blood cells when passing through the small blood vessels to deform the body by Chijikomara go through It is elastic It is an image of a car deforming and passing through a narrow road If there is a narrow road, the car will suddenly become thinner It deforms and passes through, but if this deformability drops , congestion will occur in small blood vessels It is how much important to say and do blood vessels of the whole body more than 99% is the thin blood vessels So-called capillaries This of red blood cells quality fall time , short deformability would the whole of the 99% fall of the blood vessels affected by the out you. That's why it's so important Deformation at a time like performance and say what is the thing to increase the the Korean people 's participation Korean people and continue to eat the participation old people Kichi of the Tour of you extends the life getting better is because Korea in terms of the contemporary person Sun will improve the end blood flow by increasing the elasticity of red blood cells It means that That's why it's so important .

The second is the problem of blood vessels The most important thing is to polish the inside of the blood vessels Brush the inside of the road it is important to strengthen the road but polish the middle is a little scary To prevent aging of blood vessels, we use Panax notoginseng , also known as Panax notoginseng, Kumazasa, and Matsuba Using this will greatly improve blood flow .

For example, Eisenia It is written as Fetida but this is what has been developed in Japan The variety was developed in Japan This is the blood vessel of to hone in good to use rather than This is how about say or powerful, of varicose veins surgery is necessary person was is, surgery times around to avoid or strong that it is Japan, but clinical data of food handling is less taking the clinical data in the way of China has been it is powerful about the original lower limb blood flow, measured after the bad person is the blood flow is half a year to recover to about 2 times It's extremely powerful .

So at stake is blood flow you, but high both blood pressure and low blood pressure is good. Want to say here is blood flow thing to improve the can, even at low be higher with respect to blood pressure is good. High people go down and low people go up It is unthinkable in Western medicine High blood pressure and low blood pressure Which Is the story to say but oriental medicine if such is given at all you obtained there First, that there is bad blood flow it is resistance that blood pressure goes up there Therefore, if you improve blood flow by using something that is better for blood vessels than blood flow, it will decrease Because low blood pressure of people, on the other hand we have a lot of people that the heart's pumping function is impaired and I'll to improve the blood flow burden to the heart so it is weakened and improve To improve the blood flow as high people and put is to fall low person is very easy to use is good in the part that goes up .

Next to kumazasa and pine needles and Korea 's combination of participation is good is This interesting when you combine the two is , the three combined and Toka cerebral blood flow in 30 minutes after one hands and feet of the blood flow has become well This is very strange, but , 3 combined one only case but I have gone up to about 2-fold after 30 minutes this is not rise so much and just two types For example, Korea 's blood flow good if you keep long that only participants of I's not yet rise so much is The blue line Kumazasa alone does not go up so much Pine needles is the feeling that only a little go up but , 3 one and drink together the upper really will Ri. And why say what I have to say this well, this itself , but is good, this one set of those who thought the alignment is is Japanese Well Kumaza support a single product there is, but it is because a little too good blood flow once you mix one because really good, you should take advantage of the combination .

Next is Panax notoginseng. Alias thirty-seven is carrots . This is also really used very much Korean people is the same fellow participants Usually carrots that we eat use in cooking carrots is Umbelliferae is Deformation of the earlier blood But Noh Korea some people Toka ginseng Panax ginseng to strengthen the current blood vessel is Araliaceae both It's relatively close However, the roles are completely different Notoginseng is good for blood and blood vessels Korea 's participation is in general a rather The academic name is panacea Korea 's Sun Ginseng is extremely widespread Also to gastrointestinal or to also in red blood cells may to also to the immune or to , really wide range of the Korean people participate is. Five viscera in all plus a of the Korean people 's participation Panax ginseng is the blood miracle cure is said to be Very good for blood vessels and blood Basically, it has a strong power to strengthen blood vessels Anti-inflammatory effect amazing even to you , but, in addition to anti-virus fairly recently because some action has been used.

I will explain how Panax notoginseng strengthens blood vessels. The blood vessels are perforated If you have opened a small hole the small hole is as only water Therefore, water can come and go freely Oh in the blood vessel wax is free Since the only hole is small the red blood cells in the blood vessel to only have not So the blood is red. But the fluid outside the blood vessels is not red Because the case of normal red blood cells in the blood because so as to go back and forth only in the blood vessels red it has become Water is free to back and forth you However, inflammation or occur after the aging is . Aging causes holes to widen What happens when the hole expands is that the hole becomes larger and lot of water comes out Edema occurs Since Another hole becomes large red blood cells to the outside will leak This is called bleeding tendency This leads to blood exhaustion , as red blood cells which are normally only in the blood vessels, go out So Mukundari by spreading the hole of the blood vessels , blood or decrease is will be bad blood flow Because the big problem would occur I want to return this hole to the original It is the Panax notoginseng that I mentioned earlier to restore this hole Panax and that's that carrot is to strengthen the blood vessels in fact blood vessels often use to improve the edema when the weakened .

.. Korean people or with the participation , striped bamboo, the pine needles with Ri, Panax ginseng or to improve the state of the blood vessel using to improve the state of red blood cells to improve the end blood flow Blood flow is really important In terms of oriental medicine disease is 70 percent of 80 percent is it is often said that at stake is the blood flow . I can imagine that the number of cells in the whole body has not been decided yet 60 trillion to 100 trillion, actually still know not However, there are 20 to 30 trillion red blood cells A significant proportion of red blood cells is Red blood cells that prepare the environment it will affect the whole body and feeling say is extremely important True to the blood flow is very important is.