Five viscera and ki

Future care blood water will continue to commentary about it, " care is the most difficult By "care", the table is the current basis is the basic that make up the body Whether it's qi , blood , or water, it's

the basic substance that makes up the body What they all have in common is that qi, blood, and water are naturally made from food When the tone of gastrointestinal deteriorate mind would be, but , blood but it will be it will be water but insufficient Of course it is because it is made from food Qi also has an energetic element Mind the lack of feel obtained from food and becomes insufficient want you ,Naturally the power to remake things is lost, so blood and water will decrease Qi is very important .

Care of the action is, there are mainly five types . Why say or difficult , I care There are several types There is one type of blood and one type of water, but there are about four types of mind Of the gas- work one

eye is moving action is Naturally move things in requires energy Silently blood not around to is not , body fluids also silently because it does not work you must have the energy this Kichisui moves It must have also the energy to move the car , but the same is exactly the same There is to move it as the first working energy of ki two eyes warm action is In other words, it is thermal energy Without energy, we too would be deprived of body temperature, but with the energy of qi , we can warm our bodies In short warm it is No. 3 The first is is a protective effect This prevents the invasion of the cause of the disease Immune something like it, this is also fact of the gas within the range you have. one eye in a certain place to stop is the action. Gravity is always working for us Despite the work of gravity each organ is in a fixed location. It also requires energy to keep it in place against gravity For example, if that power is lost, gastroptosis will occur th another thing to is the action of changing For example, have taken the food or it turns into a muscle or turned into a bone and, what is in the body changes you will need to It also takes energy to change Since there is only this little bit is very but this one will be Moving force warm force to force a fixed location to defend stop force a force for the change later This is the action of qi .

Of course, when this effect diminishes, many problems arise. Example In example because not move naturally and moving force will be reduced for example blood also will be stagnant Toka water . It will slow down If the warming effect is reduced, the body will get cold Protective effect and is lowered, a likely came ill from the outside when the immunity falls and Ri. It is this protective effect that is currently attracting the most attention due to the influence of corona Next stop action is and lowered gastroptosis Toka uterus pituitary island happening am. After that, things that are not where they should be leaked for example, sweat and body fluids that were wasted are also maintained where they should be, but when that power is lost, they leak. I will end up Body fluids that can be maintained properly in your body also requires energy to. Without it, it may leak out as sweat Sleeping sweat because is terrible people the skin on the surface of the stop and the weak action will be considered. Next, when the changing action weakens, the biggest problem is digestion and absorption Energy is also required for digestion and absorption and the ability to eat and change While it takes the energy to eat also the energy of the food taken at the energy we doing things that take their energy .


Internal organs is that five viscera of has been operating the Kichisui you. When the five organs are disturbed, the air, blood and water are disturbed. On the other hand, what is the energy of the five organs is Qi-Blood water Kichisui is disturbed when the five viscera is disturbed you Because long ago the body of the function the machine of the body the ability to so were classified into one , one by one is a wide range, respectively than the modern medicine of the organs referred to in the now For example, the " liver of the five organs has a wider range of efficacy than the so-called liver us than heart to know "of five viscera mind it is of efficacy is a wide range For example, kidney because of that has entered both the function of the kidney and adrenal gland the so-called moisture metabolism kidney do have both the function and the adrenal hormone function of moisture metabolism kidney has been included in the .


"Liver" of the five viscera are of Kichisui blood in the reservoir to store to. It is being distributed throughout the body at the place where it is stored The "heart" of the five organs is the pump function The blood times the whole body is to place. The "spleen" of the five organs is responsible for digestive activity The " lungs of the five organs are breathing But lung only the will is the same character, but "of the five viscera lung say Tang we are quite related to the autonomic nervous and say in another major role The reason is that the speed of breathing also affects mentally When, for example, are impatient to to breathing is faster when you are breathing slowly in reverse and relax If you breathe slowly on purpose, you will relax So breathing method there is a but, breathing and mental state will affect each other If you deliberately make your breathing shallower and faster, you will probably get mentally excited Actually, the lungs are breathing, but there is a part called autonomic nerves "The five viscera kidney and when to say say now kidney and adrenal glands by adding the I hope if you can As a function, it is said to store the spirit that is the source of the body, but this is the function of hormones To restore the body to work at night that is, growth hormone are involved Growth hormone and say is sleep well have been during that Once Cousin out good is a'll say is for the children growth but is recovery of and body when you are sleeping for adults is During the day the bone Toka muscle using at night in order to recover at the time of the sleep out growth hormone return to the original will. If the function of this kidney is reduced the one used during the day can not be fully recovered So aging advances will see Kidney is and is working firmly properly with a minute because reversible , and aging has to do this will be to kidney. Blood distributing blood stored for systemic liver. A heart that circulates blood throughout the body The spleen involved in digestion Lungs involved in breathing and autonomic nerves Kidneys involved in water metabolism and hormones This is the five viscera is .


In addition, this and the five viscera deep relationship season clause there is. For example, liver deep relationship with because time is is spring Distribution is disturbance of the blood or worse it irritated easily Toka timing and saying blood is fussing and in the spring will have, but it is liver is disturbance easy function to distribute the blood to wherever is necessary to the whole body . On the easy to get frustrated up is now is the time It 's time for the liver My heart is summer . Spleen is, during the rainy season Toka turn of the season deep relationship with the in to At the turn of the season or during the rainy season, you have to protect your stomach and intestines . Lung autumn and deep relationship, renal winter is deep . If you talk about the five organs you will be able to talk about seasonal curing There is also a story about each taste .


Five viscera and the gas with respect to the relationship the absolutely important first spleen is First described as vapor but will , blood but would as would be water since not made from food related to digestion and absorption spleen thing that is first air very important to obtain a material It is . When the function of the spleen deteriorates, it becomes deficient. In short, there will be a power shortage That 's right. Since become naturally power shortage if it can not digested and absorbed first as an entrance spleen it is terrible rather important .

The next most important is of internal organs is the kidney. Mind when you said that there are several types because a force to move the whole body the so-called healthy says you Out of sorts and saying you have. It is said that there is no energy Five viscera of the place of the kidney healthy in the will is written This is the basis of ki fine Want you to remember one anymore its satellite under the care Mamoru wrote that Mamoruki is called a . Mamoruki is this is said earlier function will hit the protective effect of the It will protect what is The story of what to do with Mamoru is very important now. That is the influence of corona and corona comes in from the outside Rather than what the emotion is also because they are invading from the outside those invading from the outside to prevent the need of care is a defense action. Care in terms of the kind of Mamoruki is Mamoruki because to keep firmly is that it become infection prevention , Mamoruki because herbal medicine to increase the is terribly now a large amount to have been consumed Maybe Minasanwaa Mari might be that sort of is not but in the industry is Mamoruki is a situation that has been used really about to soaring crude drugs related to It is a together even in China, not only in Japan one of the traditional Chinese medicine that has been used in the corona prevention Toka treatment of in China this Mamoruki herbal medicine to increase the has been used a lot .

Next is the illness related to qi. One is quantitative of disease the other one is the movement of the disease is To put it simply, it doesn't matter if the amount is insufficient . You don't have to go around again This is mind blood water all together . Blood is also the same There is a problem that the amount is not enough, and there is a problem that blood does not circulate Water is also the same Water is not enough to there is also a problem that there is also a problem that the water is not Junra So it's all the same . Care will allo but , blood but it will be but it will be water it comes out is a problem that quantitative problem and the movement is bad . In the case of qi, what is lacking is called qi Mind events that lack a gas of movement becomes worse events of that is each other each other and prone. When choosing in traditional Chinese medicine a little because one feel difficult , 1 only one and quite people say does not have. For example, the gas is to unknowingly and missing of the gas to have become worse Tour of when you leave it, for example, blood also to lack the wind say mixed not have .


When the mind is insufficient power shortage will be Since there is no energy out of sorts . Kitodoko who because those who stagnate is Toka frustrated and say either rather than a lack of power resulting in stretched somewhere . Accumulated result and become stretched or. It can cause stomach upset stomach upset , and so on . Many people are mixed It 's normal for people to feel unwell and frustrated There is also a mixture of various things .

Herbal medicines that improve the condition of lack of qi are called supplements It is a medicine to supplement the qi The famous Korean in this person contains the participants And carrot write, but this is the Korean people is that of participation Ginseng Toka Korean people 's participation Carrots in terms of the taste is sweet bitter. Licorice is very sweet Yamayaku is a little sweet Dainatsume, jujube is It's sweet Honey is sweet Hakuho is also a little sweet That's why many of them are sweet Why say or a little while ago each five viscera and the word in the wind that there is a story of taste , but there were, of that sweet stuff five viscera related to digestion and referred to in the nice to the spleen. The taste of the spleen is sweet Therefore, many crude drugs are actually sweet , and sweet ones have the power to hold things in the body So sweet if flip side is fat If you eat because sweet things the easy to rest and eat you. The spicy diverges In short d the energy in the body stop to that sweet herbal medicine is quite there. And involved in the digestion that good in the spleen because the story that sweet sweet thing is when the Toka energy has weakened gastrointestinal feels is not when the body enough time that wants .

By the way, there are various names for carrots Korea 's participation ginseng the old days there was a ginseng . Asian ginseng, various Oh , but you will, is all together Korean people will participate but Koryo would be carrots, but , Asian ginseng , but it will be it is together there is a whole and ginseng Only the reading is different . Asian ginseng is that it is Japan Panax well with say you This is Yoshimune Tokugawa each clan is recommended cultivation giving seed to the year. It is called Panax ginseng because it was made by giving seeds, but now it is made in Nagano or Aizu in Fukushima Especially in the case of Fukushima, it is called Panax ginseng Ginseng is Appearance two from visible to a person like a foot carrot and saying not a Ruwake , what Toka carrot is there are a lot For example, to Panax ginseng also's right , what Toka carrot There are many , but the carrot and say the appearance of the form rather than not to say, Korea 's participation and carrots are eating usually is entirely something else is. It is a different plant , and the family is different Usually the so-called we are eating because carrot is there is parsley family is Korean people because participation is a Araliaceae and carrots to say completely different things What ingredients leprosy great or say when the scientific name Canucks called a. Canucks What do or say and is a panacea In scientific name is equivalent amazing because about that panacea to It came out just the five viscera have you, but the five viscera in all good is Carrots have a fairly wide range I wrote not I think you It is written that it supplements the five organs and makes the spirit peaceful Simply put, it is physically and mentally good and it is written that the effect of ginseng is that if you drink it for long time, it will extend your life Korea is terrible you are making still rather famous Korea is terrible rather than the Korean people on the sun press we're doing very various, but over there we are really the epidemiological investigation Most are written down but the Korean people group that continues to eat the participants taking the A comparison of the group not risk of carcinogenesis is exactly the differences you have. There is so much difference to you about that Lung cancer Toka stomach risk of cancer about Korea becomes about 1/3 people has found that Sun there is a plus to the body in all aspects There are so many papers out there .


also often use jujube Korean people even if in name recognition is not as high as ginseng , jujube finally blood , but is a supplement to , jujube is good for gastrointestinal is For people with weak gastrointestinal tract , jujube is very effective because it supplements blood while adjusting the gastrointestinal tract It 's interesting as a snack that you can use in your daily life Western and say in a sense close to the apple and it is eaten normally in the snack Well that's western day but eat the apple says something like that doctor knowing is more of China 1 day Zaozhuang eat and every day with the old knowing to say every day to anti-aging jujube to say that Eat It is used in a form similar to that of an apple Pretty entered are also used during the winter in a variety of traditional Chinese medicine have you but to be used very much in the traditional Chinese medicine to use during the winter is the traditional Chinese medicine of frostbite jujube contains the The reason is that, in general, the main thing is to prepare the gastrointestinal tract while supplementing blood but the other jujube is to extend metabolism to the end For example, of course frostbite has not gone cold end you but, because carry the firm energy until the end another of the jujube will be interesting effect .


Next is the illness that makes you feel unwell. " Illness from the gas and often the story that you are using the wrong because most of the people but illness from the gas most people because used in the form of seems to have the gas- am .. The sick are probably feeling the problem you and the wind say use your stomach, it will be when the disease Tour of the gas is made worse wrong in the sense that illness from the gas will use the Illness is used by everyone to refer to one of the parts of the mind It is why certainly be happening mental problems of the gas and say whether Tour of cause poor It would be mental problems once you say it but it will be physical problems or it will be the season of the problem the cause Whatever the Tour of the gas points to the fact that you get sick If you become poor I say I'm sick The point is that this term originally refers to a much wider range than we usually use Because possible to improve the Tour of the mind it will be to become a prevention of the disease It's seems be, for example, breathing techniques good at separately exercise is Sweat is also very important Various health Hodea Lima , but to improve the Tour of the gas to those of are connected is will that all prevent from care Kampo medicine perspective to be disease Qi is very important .


The condition changes depending on the time of day , and this kind of thing is matter of concern For example, when he became somewhere painful is also good anywhere in the joint If it hurts somewhere and the blood flow is the cause, the location of the pain does not change and it hurts in the morning and at night However, when I feel unwell and have pain it changes with time and places move It is easy to move If you care For example Yokua you will, but the weekend on weekdays to cheerful in time to go to work that you a headache to the people There are. It is the blood flow in the absence it is absolutely in the autonomic nervous Toka care of a problem I hear the same headache The headache is Are you sure that you want to change it changes from day to day by weekday and time either. The change referred to when to use a traditional Chinese medicine that contains things to improve the Tour of the gas is much more painful related engagement cry is also painful when it comes using the traditional Chinese medicine in which the blood flow to the main you have. Qi illness is variable .


The liver, spleen, and lungs are prone to a state of discomfort . Liver and spleen and lungs to those that at the time that the mind of the Tour of worsens five viscera has emotion, respectively . Liver that is a feeling of anger and say. I think the spleen Toka is lost in thought belief -free. The lungs are the feeling of sadness People who tend to have a habit of thinking tend to get stuck in their livers Much of that idea Toka what convinced at will people , to the spleen is the mind tends to collect Pessimistic people tend to get sick in their lungs As a result, the symptoms described on the left appear It is easy to get frustrated if it easily accumulates in the liver When the spleen becomes full it feels full and full If it accumulates in the lungs, breathing may be disturbed Kigyaku Toka Kitodoko at the on because symptoms come out that are written in this area has been written mixed often talk about the first liver being angry and angry That's just what happens In other words, if you have feelings that make you angry, your mind will stop at your heart The action of the liver is disturbed you Mai. The action of the liver is disturbed and what to say and do and what is the function of the liver while ago the blood and say write reservoir you see. In fact in 2 0% Toka 30% have blood is stored in the liver but determine the allocation to the whole body is saved for future needs the blood liver was Function of the liver is disturbed because blood where needed will drop the power to allocate In short , it gets stuck in my liver I feel like I 'm collecting blood and I'm also collecting blood Say whether the result what happens the liver and the intestine is the portal vein because it connected with resulting in accumulation of blood in the liver Then the portal vein because the results in accumulation of blood in the intestine through angry swollen intestines and ready to say Liver with feelings of anger of the gas and become worse because gone accumulated blood in a state that the stand is belly swollen intestines comes out the fact that here in the digestive also becomes worse Frustrated and indigestible This happens Since defecation because turbulence will is disturbed the top as I said before is tends to collect, we will Because tends to collect in the upper well above not be distributed only tends to collect and eyes bloodshot Toka or do that also happens It is the row above because Kigyaku you can. Irritated easily human liver and I'll use the herbal medicine to improve the Tour of damn this neighborhood symptoms will disappear Body and spirit because it is inextricably linked to anger and is said to be easy Tour of Toka liver of the gas of the liver blood is good and I'll be good Tour of of Then, on the contrary, the frustration will be reduced It's strange, but for example, I do that kind of thing Next to the spleen I think I think that, and say whether it is what happens when happens will be between fell digestion that much was lost in thought Much Dari convinced when you are lost in thought another lunch is only that had I think you can Function of while do not know digestion will fall, but it is why to say whether the gas and are much the thinking that the stomach will be concentrated on Because the circulation of the stomach gets worse Much more intensive Then, damn is the thinking is stomach island accumulated in the am. Stomach also Netsugako you Ri. The muscles become stiff when you keep applying heat, so if you keep thinking , the heat will build up in your stomach and your stomach will move erratically And have silently it is allowed to stand all the way now has around the throat erect instead will come I have symptoms like reflux The reason is that the heat goes up, so the heat in the stomach goes up Then the stomach and the esophagus heat is muffled esophagus even if the firm the movement of around here is dull will. So erect a feeling that was changed to. There is no problem even when subjected to inspection is said to be but it and traditional Chinese medicine speaking here so had muffled extra heat and I'll use for that to disperse the stomach of heat Of the stomach to be better the workings of and I'll be dispersed stomach the heat it is also possible to release the thought that much would the thinking you. In this way the reservoir easy because there is that place and symptoms you come out a variety of symptoms , reservoir easy because herbal medicine actually used by the location of the have changed You.


The one that makes you feel better is called physiologic medicine If the gas is not enough Hokiyaku is If the Tour of is bad Rikiyaku that those uses Rikiyaku features of a little while ago Hokiyaku is but spoke of sweet there are many , Rikiyaku feature of is in many cases a strong smell It feels like so-called aromatherapy The reason is that the scent is the fastest to stimulate the brain Olfactory and say works directly to the brain In fact what is a strong smell that is often Chenpi and say is a strong smell , but also to climate smell I think you luck. The scent comes out firmly around here, such as Kabuko and Ezookojo These things are are many things to improve the Tour of the gas .

This time it will be mandarin orange peel This is often used because it makes you feel better By the way, Chenpi's Chen means old Say whether the story of what the old in fact older if old enough things good because is considered to be, call the old and the skin is called the chenpi wrote In fact, mandarin orange peel is dried in the shade for over a year and is called chenpi . " I make myself do we are asked, but since the premise that eat the prima facie guy skin for Chen skin Toka pesticide does not remain in the skin Toka do not use the wax , in that way before eating the skin Hisage I am making it So I divided and say or use the oranges that are bought usually must not, but are made to tentatively tangerine peel so The main action is or to improve the tone of gastrointestinal or trimmed the autonomic nervous and there is a wind workings say Another one of the features is chenpi is a feature of , but, gastrointestinal and poor name digestion would remain extra water but Ri you, discard the extra water remaining in the gastrointestinal us and work to say is there is to chenpi It is good during the rainy season The rainy season is extra water is easy to become the remaining indigestion in the stomach, but that judge the water remaining in the gastrointestinal chenpi is It looks like a mandarin orange peel It is also used as a condiment It contains shichimi peppers It is the mandarin orange peel is in the Shichimi because just to improve the work of the gastrointestinal Condiments have that meaning .


Then Acanthopanax you, but , this is the Kampo medicine perspective often use to improve the Tour of the gas To stress is the Siberian ginseng use am, but in the cold place will be taken. Ezou is Hokkaido and say it means. Of which are dealing with is a Hokkaido , but cold place because Russia Toka Hokkaido Siberian ginseng is famous , but say that it is Russia and either used in physical strength up has been cracking. It is used on the surface Olympic athletes use was Tsu. Now the doping what will I divided it must not. It is a herbal medicine that has gained popularity when astronauts bring eleuthero to space In Russia life source" about writing to mean in, compensate for the power in particular use will have, in the case of Japan and rather or not to improve the Tour of the gas and use it as stress Perhaps it feels like a mixture of supplementary air and reason Those that turn while compensating the power in quite that sense used in a wide range of is, thing that this Siberian ginseng In fact to use to increase the concentration you have.