Pet Chinese medicine (water)

The circulation of aura

In Kampo medicine, aura is the substance that makes up the body, the energy that moves the body, and the heat energy.

Aura has various functions, such as moving the body's substances and warming the body. It also plays a role in immunity.

When aura is circulated throughout the body, energy is distributed properly and internal organs work well. It also regulates mental activity. In Kampo medicine, there is a saying that "illness begins with aura," which means that "if the circulation of aura is poor, illness will occur".

When the circulation of aura in the body is poor, symptoms such as loss of appetite, disordered breathing, repeated constipation and soft stools, and gastrointestinal problems and dysfunction increase.

Tangerine peel, zedoary, ginkgo biloba, and hawthorn are used in this case.


Tangerine peel

Dried ripe tangerine peel. The older the peel, the better, hence the name Chen peel. In Kampo medicine, it is used to regulate the circulation of aura and to treat stress and gastrointestinal dysfunction.



The rhizome of a ginger plant that has been dried by passing it through hot water. In Kampo medicine, it is used to regulate the functions of the stomach and intestines, and also to warm the body and promote metabolic functions.

It is also famous as a fat-burning food.


Ginkgo biloba

Dried ginkgo leaves. In Europe and the United States, it is treated as a medicine, and in Japan, it is recognized as a functional food that helps maintain memory.



Dried pseudo-fruit of the rosebay hawthorn. In Kampo medicine, it helps the function of “the spleen, stomach, and liver”, and as a digestive medicine, it improves the function of the stomach and intestines and promotes digestion.

It also delays the absorption of fat, and is now attracting attention for its weight loss effects.