Pet Chinese medicine (blood)

The Circulation of Blood

Blood in Kampo medicine almost always refers to blood. In fact, the term "blood" includes the functions of the blood. 

Blood provides nourishment to the entire body, including the skin, muscles, organs, and various internal organs.

It especially affects the function of muscles and eyes.

Therefore, when blood is deficient, muscle movements become slow or spastic, eyes become tired, the When blood is deficient, symptoms such as sluggishness or twitching of muscles, tiredness in the eyes, loss of weight, and dullness of perception may occur.

In addition, blood moisturizes the entire body, making the skin hydrated and the hair shiny.

It also makes the joints move smoothly. Therefore, a lack of blood can cause dry skin, dry mouth and eyes. It also slows down the movement of the joints.

In addition, when blood circulation is poor, it is unable to carry nutrients and moisture, which can cause the above problems.

In particular, dry eyes, poor heart and liver function can occur. The fur becomes poorly groomed and the skin easily becomes dry.


In such cases, ginseng, veitch's bamboo

, pine needles, fennel, safflower, etc. can be used.



Dried root of the Araliaceae family. It is said to supplement all five organs (liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys), and is a representative food of medicinal herbs. In the world of Kampo medicine, it is considered to be the best herbal medicine for replenishing aura, and has a wide range of effects including hematopoiesis.


Veitch's bamboo

The dried leaves of the grass family Kumazasa. It is recommended for detoxifying the intestines and It is said to cleanse the blood.


Pine needle

Dried leaves of Pinus densiflora. Since ancient times, pine trees have been joyously celebrated as a thousand years of pine life, and have been regarded as a symbol of immortality and longevity. It contains unsaturated acid and removes excess cholesterol.

It also contains essential oil that gives elasticity to blood vessels and strengthens them.



It is the dried fruit of the Celastraceae family, fennel. In Kampo medicine, it is said to warm the kidneys, remove cold, harmonize the stomach, and support the circulation of "aura" and "blood".



Dried tubular flowers of safflower, a member of the Asteraceae family, are a medicinal ingredient often used for women's problems. In the world of Kampo medicine, it improves the circulation of blood.