Water and Chinese medicine

will explain about "water" and Chinese medicine. "Water" here refers to body fluids other than blood that the body needs. Care and blood very multi-be problems with the shortage in the case of Idesu . However, high humidity areas in the extra "water" likely to remain a problem is likely to occur is Even in the same region, further time humidity is high is "water" rather than that there is not enough also extra "water" There is likely to occur that the poor have got left Since the humidity is hard out steam from the high and the surface of the skin extra "water" that it is bad remain or will be be Extra "water" what is and remains occur and haveThe body becomes heavier "Water" is heavy, so the body is heavy I have a heavy head More and more people will feel a little depressed unknowingly feeling unmotivated Time the humidity is high, not the usual tone because there is heavy head but it is time that result in a misunderstanding and I wonder if there is no motivation this is so prone timing is all. So easy to get the steam from and crisp the surface of the skin even in summer extra "water" because the heat and comes out still it is easy to crisp humidity is in that sense up when I started because no body is accustomed "water" spicy remain with and it is now time to say .

"Water" , as well as the "care" and "blood" is the basic substance that make up the body, but "water" and how much to the body a good thing To feature for the body what to do good for the body, "water" and have you The name of the old "water" that remains in the body and does bad things changes At first, I work a lot, but when it gets old, it has a bad effect on my body If this is the case "water" with a thing called poison after the "water poison is called This will come out later By the way, this "water poison the word is is a word that was made in Japan Much Japan is extra and high humidity is "water" this that it is often the poor remain and I think that it is clear Along with other qi and blood , there are material and functional elements By the way, the generic name of the required body fluids to the body of the thing no red "water" and have you Red ones blood is Blood is almost blood and "water" is body fluid other than blood .

There are four actions of "water" The first of the one is it says that moisten both with also . The first moisturizing effect this is moisturizing -th also moisture is , but the -th person is to either have Toka deep part Toka joint trying to you came in the sense that it gives the after nutrition Third, this is very important It is the action of throwing away waste products Unlike blood, the characteristic of "water" is that it can come and go anywhere Basically, blood because only in the blood vessel to move However, "water" can come and go anywhere It also enters into the vessel to leave to the outside of the blood vessel to go also between the cells the lymph vessels around are also within the means that modern science to have UTO "water" , ie body fluids is the presence The name changes depending on where you do it For example , if it enters a blood vessel , it becomes blood To say that cell-to-cell liquid if placed in between the cells it is lymph and if placed in the lymphatic vessels name will change by the previous location Because everywhere carry things it is that carry the waste "water" of the importance of work is th blood changes to the thing, but as described above, water is place the name by the plant will change It is written that when "water" enters a blood vessel it becomes blood , so the fourth turns into blood .


Next, I will explain the pathological condition of "water" It is " deficiency and flow ". This is mind but would be , blood , but it will be "water" but it will be the bad part Tour of the missing parts is the same However, the humidity is in the high area and timing water" because the lack of is is difficult to occur On the other hand, it is easy to run out of "water" in areas and seasons where it is easy to dry Another "water" because in the recipe have in very simple and will absorption in the gastrointestinal most is to Therefore, the water" in the generation of, five viscera "of the spleen large" involved you In addition, " water" the whole body in order to Meguraseru is "of the five viscera spleen and lung and kidney will be deeply involved The " kidney " of the five organs includes the function of the kidney Kidney is, extra "water" the urine discarded by you. Absorption spleen throw away the kidney and will be In addition, the " lungs " of the five organs are involved You may not have the image that the lungs are deeply involved in water metabolism So why "of the five viscera lung Why is whether come into play have UTO to the lungs of a feature is breathing This breath also includes cutaneous respiration The relationship between the lungs and the skin is deep The function of the lungs is also related to the function of releasing excess "water" and heat as steam from the surface of the skin , Including skin respiration respiration and function is lowered from the skin well "water" thrown away the heat and we will not Therefore, even if the function of the " lungs of the five organs declines, the metabolism of "water" actually declines child

"Water" that the lack of Kagekyo and have you The main cause is that this is the same as for blood Or amount to make a small use too much is Luke Of course if you generate heat and sweat a lot "water" will come out more and more as sweat This is but will be depleted On the other hand, it is the making side Generated with respect to the lack of street just said absorption from the stomach is When gastrointestinal function is impaired "water" tends to be insufficient Well in the gastrointestinal "water" people that Chapuchapu remains is you have There are gastrointestinal in the "water" Toka absorption of bad , five viscera in have UTO spleen function of the bad "water" can not be absorbed and will be loose stools trend. Here is firmly spleen and is not firmly workings of , first of all "water" generated force will be reduced This is the first cause is one eye Consumable too much or too sweat, so Toka or vomiting after becomes loose stool not be absorbed in the intestine which is "water" you will be consuming If there is such cause I'll do better that the corresponding depending on the cause The main symptom is basically the symptom of dryness Naturally "water" controls the heat of the body Since the excess heat is thrown away there is a symptom of dryness when there is a shortage of "water" , and the heat does not turn well and the heat may be trapped somewhere Of course "water" is because to ensure a sufficient amount will be important .

"Water" what is to increase the amount of the whether use have UTO the most famous is the shell of a turtle The turtle shell has a strong moisturizing power The turtle shell increases "water" and , in fact, blood The turtle shell can increase both "water" and blood as materials Rehmannia glutinosa and Bakumondoto are famous for herbal medicine and this area is often used for herbal medicine Rehmannia glutinosa will talk later In particular, Bakumondoto has a strong ability to moisturize the lungs And dried lung will be done it often is, but due to drying Kara cough for us moisten around the bronchial put a Mugimon winter at the time of the dry cough Bakumondoto is often used at such times Is written here turtle plate disk to talk Toka later Ren Toka Rehmannia, we'll do that moisten well with the wheat Gate winter Next is the improvement of the spleen This improves gastrointestinal health It is to use well here the Korean people 's participation Ginseng also has a strong ability to improve gastrointestinal function so I often use it In fact stomach is gone cold in loose stools and tone of gastrointestinal sick island become cormorants technique to use sometimes carrots hot water and have Korean me who is in the center of San have carrots that hot water to use. Also, Hakuho and Atractylodes will come out later This has a strong ability to handle "water" Use extra heat I don't use this so much Cold not because the people that there are many this is used when you have fever Gypsum has the power to remove excess heat and moisturize it Moisten with effect Rehmannia herbal medicine that also this is the power that except for the extra heat Gold and honeysuckle This removes extra heat , but the most commonly used is for sore throat Used for throat irritation .


Turtle plate , the shell of the turtle boiled create a Kogori boiled out you will, but is very hard In fact since there is very strong force to moisten whether used for what kind of time have UTO actually in use in the Toka dry skin The moisturizing power is very strong . Moisten when a force is that strong risk is Ren This is also very wet force is strong What they have in common is that they both have a very strong ability to moisturize the skin How to selectively use either the have UTO , turtle who is five viscera in have is the kidney of kidney try Strong in the kidney system Disk Len and either have UTO lung is It's actually the lungs and liver Breathing is disturbed Toka consensus jar when the squalene is from If you are worried about anti-aging or kidney problems , choose a turtle plastron Use both of course also for is nice there is such a difference when compared Both have a very strong moisturizing power Disk Ren originally pharmaceutical skin is That's why I actually use it for external use So out drinking both do and terrible paint even rather result is faster the originally because it was drugs of skin So say how to use you.


Rehmannia is, Hachimi jio famous that prescription entered into have you the color of the time taken is yellow The final thing that becomes black steamed with sake, but this is a strong force to moisten I said earlier In addition, it has the power to take away extra heat What is another famous , Rehmannia is the blood glucose level lower because they have the power also used for diabetes Rehmannia glutinosa has side effects depending on the quality . Originally, it is easy for the stomach to lean . Rehmannia glutinosa is easy to lean on the stomach In order to avoid a stomach ache to happen drinking iron Rehmannia the use, in turn, based on also does not have a child if the leaning stomach However, steaming this with alcohol improves its efficacy and actually reduces the side effect of stomach upset Only one end steamed that others use you have, but the real of good Rehmannia is also eight times nine times and steamed. Its Uiu Rehmannia be selected , efficacy also go up Shi that it also reduces the burden of the stomach such Rehmannia Mora using also choose have.


Also, it is very often that extra "water" does bad things "Water poison that word is was born in Japan It is a word coined by Todo Yoshimasu during the Edo period It says what it in a high humidity area is extra "water" remains cause a variety of diseases and it is bad costs in Yasui be Incurable disease strange disease is " water " poison the suspected e" that word is around there is Well do not know the disease is "water" is often that at stake is that "Water" or the problem of the , care whether the problem is , whether the blood is a problem, which is the most the problem of the because differences by people you have. For example, headache happened Ru to when he became want you to try one of the criteria and band much time there is no relationship one blood the doubt. Of course it only decided et al. Is not I suspect "water" when my symptoms get worse in the morning Of the gas case because the case of stress because stress is the cause deterioration in the scene feel the stress you. For example, meeting a headache only when the conference in stress to people that you have I have a headache only on weekdays Weekend headache name in is said that you have Once you suspect a gas The weather is not fixed on weekdays and weekends, and blood flow is irrelevant Morning that the most terrible door "water" first to suspect the cause of At the scene scene , symptoms change Waru and mind is is often the cause is" If you are told that it will get worse in the evening, I suspect shortage The point is that it gets worse when you get tired It is blood not enough is Toka care is not enough In short , it's evening if you don't have enough power Something is insufficient to deteriorate tired doubt and you have but, "water" In the case of the morning on the easy out .


Chinese medicine of arthritis in fact this rheumatism also "water poison deep relationship with , Higashibora Yoshimasu is there is a prescription made As I said before, Chinese prescriptions are made in Japan as well This Uiu Formulations Japanese thought there variety one of which there is a prescription that Keishi Kaokera winter, but this is used to rheumatism What this is doing what in fact "water" is excl Extra left in the joint "water" is due to arthritis that prescription made with the idea that has exacerbated the joint pain is this prescription In fact , the pain goes away quite a bit In fact, as we will see later on and say this is a something, but of above one Keishi peony , Dainatsume, ginger, licorice there with If you add Kakkonto and Ephedra to this, you will get Kakkonto A little weakened, such of perspiration Katsuraedayu contains things that superfluous from the surface of the skin "water" issues a. Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae is in the body "water poison is a countermeasure Throw away the extra "water" Bushi is a crude drug that eliminates pain That Keishi Kaokera winter What extra "water" except that the pain that except that, rheumatism in correspondence to you .


"Water poison cause of There are various "Water poison is superfluous "water" has a poor remain Extra "water" remains is also available in various ways reasons, and roughly divided into too much to take or not put out or you Extra "water" that remains stale "water" discarded et al or not the first place you "water" is too take or in fact the water has too take is worth is often Rukoto It is Another problem with the inability to produce extra "water" that is old is related to muscle weakness First of all, "water" , that is the rotation of body fluid , also depends on blood flow. In the case of blood, it flows through blood vessels and is driven by a pump called the heart On the other hand, it flows through the "water", an example example, if lymphatic vessels are is no pump One Mari "water" because not move in there is no pump function, unlike blood you. That's why I'm moving while receiving various forces One of them is muscle It is affected by muscles The rest also depends on blood It also depends on the blood flow If the blood flow is very poor, the flow of body fluids will also be poor It works depending on various things Since it also depends on blood, the pumping function of the heart also affects it The final exit, renal function, also has an effect As for how to identify the cause, it is suspected that the pumping function of the heart is poor in people who tend to swell their legs People with swelling faces suspect kidney function Easy to edema peeling hands and feet is the best when he said no Toka improvement of the heart's pumping function if the rest is the blood flow I will do something to improve blood flow On the contrary, when it is said that the face tends to swell, it supplements the " kidney of the five organs After skin蒸排, this is also from the surface of the skin "water" is worth Excess "water" and heat are constantly discarded as steam from the surface of the skin This is from the surface of the skin When you have reduced out steam that it is not extra "water" will help the rest Since the humidity goes up steam becomes difficult out from the surface of the skin "water" that throw away skin蒸排the time of high humidity is becoming difficult to occur Therefore, just as it spent even if the humidity is high time and area is on the surface of the skin "water" the discarded Zura no longer, the body rest easy is In this case, to improve the blood flow on the surface of the skin and then to refer to The most famous cinnamon and pearl barley is It is often said that Coix seeds are good for beautiful skin The reason why it is good for beautiful skin is that it regulates the metabolism of "water" on the surface of the skin There are places where Coix seeds are good at , and Coix seeds are actually good at regulating the metabolism of "water" in the surface of the skin and joints Coix seeds are also included in the prescription used when "water" remains in the joints I am good at skin and joints By the way, gastrointestinal of "water" What is good at judge is the tangerine peel This is Chenpi So , " " water " is left in the gastrointestinal plump is and is said to be with a mandarin orange peel on the surface of the skin "water" of the partial metabolism Toka joint "water" the minute metabolic adjustment wanted to al pearl barley the I will use it Not at all sweat to reverse Toka, after the type of cooler losing the cinnamon use Cinnamon promotes blood flow on the surface of the skin Next is cold Of course, coldness is also a cause Since such a way that weaken the fire of the kettle when the body has cooled too , care but would be , blood , but it will be "water" would be but all Yu' will become a chestnut It slows down. So because of course cold is "water poison cause This winter is not good is Winter "water" so easy to cold "water" kidneys to process a lot of will is likely to be affected Therefore, curing in the cold season is to care for the kidneys and the " kidneys of the five organs Cold and results in movement becomes dull and because the effects on the kidneys which is also "water" cause of poison It also causes stress Stress also slows down everything It is a shape close to cold This will occur that Uiu Mandarin orange at this time of the skin is convenient Nanoha tangerine peel will be in stress management Gastrointestinal of "water" the loosened for use both in power and stress management that is tangerine peel it is .


"Water poison symptoms that occur in is different It is easy to swell because extra "water" remains Toka body is heavy even the easy to car sickness actually "water poison is . " Car sickness is easy and is said to be "water" of the poison measures Kampo actually issues. Dizziness dizziness, such as Toka rotation be In addition the throat is easy to dry you out also symptoms that Body to "water" is a lot, but that there is likely to thirst throat had UTO felt like together in contradiction you. There is a lot of "water" in the body tank Actually 100 of Arebaii to 120 to about there. But I want "water" This is a what it had UTO easy to have UTO is in the tank "water" is "water" rather than a "water poison so dirty "water" in the nest. "Water" dirty with waste products Actually not have to throw away immediately "water" because the state is referred to as full in the tank there as the liquid but fresh because dirty "water" and wants want new "water" It was a large amount of dirt in the tank "water" "water poison only That's why I want "water" I am swollen, but I have a symptom of dry throat Seeking fresh "water" Was it's also difficult is , clean "water" for want But, tank is dirty "water" in because it is full, quite clean "water" is not come contains Always thirsty always referred to as swollen in a vicious cycle that will continue to be "water poison is a nasty place of Clean "water" them solve drinking easier if so, "water" only the drink has levers that good is the story "water" and say how to solve if drinking a lot , it does not quite In short first extra "water" If you do not give in to clean the tank to throw out , clean of "water" is is bad incoming efficiency Quite clean of "water" has become a situation that does not come contains Extra "water" that throw away to you, but extra "water" and throw away the clean of "water" will help came in In fact, "water" because prescription discarding is the image basis "water" because the prescription to throw away a rather dry , but is then likely image, "water" is the fact that throw away the clean of "water" easily came in .. Easily have dirty trying to "water" and , clean "water" it means that the urge to exchange in fact referred to in Chinese medicine "water" because prescription to throw away is regain the moisture of the cells will be prescription .. It feels like a contradiction for a moment , but the "water" prescription discard Yet moisten the cells of the What do mean I think dirty as I said "water" because discard , clean of "water" Is easy to come in By things like that "water poison to solve the we'll do that regain the moisture of the cell Another surprisingly large number is low pressure Because people that low atmospheric pressure condition becomes worse to come , on the constitution "water poison that tends people to wind you think This is surprisingly many Some people say that they are not feeling well just because typhoon is approaching, or that their heads are heavy when a typhoon is approaching Or head is heavier , a little appetite drop Chi be or is actually much prone people such a person is from the usual water content of metabolism the care must to be put not. Water method to be careful in the amount metabolism will vary from person to person Some people had better flow of surface and blood flow of the skin "water" the loosened to improve the surface of the skin is better to some people but this is falling apart , any one of the number one cause the while watching the water to increase the amount metabolism you.

Cold hot flashes Toka Toka hay fever in fact asthma endometriosis also actually "water poison is you have at stake Water content of metabolism little back to that change by simply pressing things are many Of these, the one I want you to know most is pollinosis Hay fever is very easy to understand but tears Toka nose water you out This is and say what it superfluous "water" is the idea that symptoms hay fever that is what is left goes out in response to some kind of stimulus oriental medicine in. Extra "water" symptoms of about hay fever remains if they remain in the body has the idea of deterioration If you turn it over and throw away the extra "water" , the symptoms of hay fever will go away The most famous prescription , Shoseiryuto prescription there that you will but often use at the time of hay fever . Shoseiryuto is doing what has and Luke have UTO in fact there is "water" of the poison cure is traditional Chinese medicine Rather than the traditional Chinese medicine of hay fever "water poison is a countermeasure Superfluous to say more "water" while discarded the force that except for the inflammation is strong Shoseiryuto is This is interesting for you , but also good to hay fever and drink Shoseiryuto of it but, edema taken were people who also am fine . Why, edema drank herbal hay fever is to take or say "water poison measures because it's traditional Chinese medicine Extra "water" throw away the outside and force to say is taken the swelling in strong because Shoseiryuto that may be referred to will occur Another asthma also the place of talking has it been This is a skin problem, as I said . The reason why the lungs and skin are connected is by breathing The skin is a trachea that dissipates excess "water" and heat Well "water" does not put out the matter to the outside and poor condition of the skin "water" to do when you do not put out the amount of say or it should not bypass does not. Extra "water" that bypass route in order to throw away and sometimes, this will often be when you caught a cold, but one of the heat easy to spear place to bypass is the best place would be out in breathing In other words, it is state of coughing and getting out So from the surface of the skin "water" it is heat and discarded not state that this is just "water poison will be The solution is to try to get rid of heat and "water" as a cough from the lungs Terrible rather will be called cough increases And asthma Toka bronchitis say is, when viewed in oriental medical "water poison You came into the range of Cough is suddenly dry or wheezing to fault the phlegm you see, but in this condition water has at stake is a problem of partial metabolism .


We will analyze Chinese herbal materials for "water" The first is Yokuinin which is Coix seeds This herbal medicine is by the name of the food and you may herbal medicine name is changed For example, it often doesn't change Ginseng is ginseng, whether it is food or medicine . Panax ginseng is the Korean people 's participation Yokuinin is the name of a crude drug In the food we have UTO pearl barley is Skin Without Job's tears and says also. This is, of the street in the vicinity of the surface and the joint of the skin "water" is to adjust the amount metabolism is good Because tangerine peel this is the most famous of stress This is the most famous for stress Is the most famous in the Tour of the gas, but as I said earlier gastrointestinal of "water" the loosened are many forces Now the true time in is good And what it had is the story of the rainy season and measures it but now the "water" was referred to as prone to poison Extra "water" if remain in the body when the remains the body is heavy is motivated , but you do not, the other one place gastrointestinal is also easy to rest Gastrointestinal also "water" it is easy to rest The gastrointestinal tract is vulnerable to "water" Extra "water" so prone to indigestion remains humid time is gluttony bad timing is Because what you were time or say any time even gluttony is not good but is is drinking too much attention a time to eat too much in particular Extra "water" tends to remain in the body and gastrointestinal tract If it remains in the gastrointestinal tract, it is naturally prone to indigestion and loose stools It loosened using the tangerine peel to am. Cinnamon is a good choice when it's time to lose the cooler Cinnamon is the skin on the surface blood flow because encourage, the surface of the skin is cooled counter to Ru can Cinnamon is recommended for those who are vulnerable to coolers If "water" tends to remain in the gastrointestinal tract, it is a mandarin orange peel After that, chrysanthemum flowers are actually used I use chrysanthemum flowers and Panax notoginseng Chrysanthemum flowers in the most famous of the eye is Eye on is really good. However, this also regulates the metabolism of "water", so when it comes to the "water" of the eye condition, chrysanthemum flowers are selected Finally Notoginseng This Panax is also famous Panax is why whether have UTO this was also talk at the time of the blood Notoginseng came out even when it was blood The reason is that it strengthens blood vessels In why "water" for the seven fields and either use have UTO blood vessels are small holes there The reason is that, as I said at the beginning "water" can come and go anywhere "Water" is anywhere back and forth can That is also entering into the vessel because there is a small hole in the blood vessel to be, also out of the blood vessel is, "water" can freely back and forth There are small holes like that in the blood vessels , but when they age or become inflamed, the holes grow larger Then the hole that is increased "water" because the cause of the leakage making it easier edema Since this Panax ginseng is me back a hole in the normal size blood vessels from the "water" that they prevent leakage in fact Panax is blood in the good, in the blood stream may be, blood also serves that supplement the There you but , blood vessels from the "water" by preventing leakage "water poison also used in the measures .


When considering water metabolism, it is really important to emit steam from the surface of the skin So the more narrow if texture of the skin Hosokere to say many times good is The fine texture of the skin means that it has the power to generate steam against humidity Many Asians have fine skin Drying to have local people of the texture of the skin is is rough . Why say whether the other side and dry because it is the the texture of the skin is also somewhat rough steam will out The place is so Toka also Southeast Asia the case of Japan against the humidity steam Good luck to you do not go and not issued. Therefore, the texture of the skin is fine And say what you use when temporarily out of the vapor from the surface of the skin it said earlier cinnamon is For example kakkonto also terrible rather than issues a vapor Now to the review of kakkonto kakkonto in cinnamon is contains This cinnamon because is, the skin surface blood flow of encouraging thing Since it is not supposed to stop issuing more and more steam when you caught a cold , ephedra contains the . Ephedra is a sweating action . Cinnamon promotes blood flow on the surface of the skin Because kakkonto is a perspiration ephedra promote the blood flow on the surface of the skin and cinnamon, become a strong perspiration in this combination of which is kakkonto This cinnamon to Uiu where there is entered you will. If you have a cold and want to sweat strongly, use Kakkonto Because just does not need to be strong from the usual so far Toka one which facilitates the flow of blood from the usual , cinnamon and I'll push a little back by the use of , just Do the cooler measures said Ri will Really is the future of time good is .

Sadako is good for the kidney system . Turtle shell of this woman Sadako and of both renal system is Turtle shell is moisten the force who is very strong Idesu. If anything, it has a strong ability to make up for the shadows On'naSadako Since it is usually in the renal system "water" Are You adjust the amount metabolism are good Another famous herbal medicine is a herbal medicine that is famous for measures against white hair Why say whether of internal organs kidney in the work of , the renal function of the wide spoke of In anti-aging use am but , organ ear and say in you. When the ear of the problem occurs in the renal system to use. After hair is The renal system is also used when you are young and have more white hair, or when you are young and have less hair Another is hormonal balance What does hormonal balance mean? For example when words like menopause or fertility appear, it is the renal system that attacks Renal system is doing just this way the efficacy writing has wide and that of But , why is because good in the adrenal glands and say either Because the adrenal glands are a variety of hormone comes out a good traditional Chinese medicine in the adrenal glands have UTO renal range of wide and use a good one to do that is but it has changed a little niche as I said earlier For example, it did not come out today also the corner of deer really to adjust the hormone balance strong is It's completely doping Deer horns are strong against hormonal systems, as I just said Turtles are good at moisturizing On'naSadako is is balanced and say either, but in fact hair good to you. In this way , even the same kidney changes Some people choose Sadako Why this to this woman Sadako whether wrote had UTO if there is another reason today Rehmannia is came out as well Why here woman Sadako whether brought the have UTO , Rehmannia the stomach was also referred to as easy to sagging Generally textbook speaking There is a story that Sadako Yamamura is used as substitute when using Rehmannia glutinosa to cause stomach upset This means that both Ri Ho Jin However the balance take close in the sense that the trend is Rehmannia that it or woman Sadako in the end put I've But it was properly told earlier Rehmannia the if you choose is not a problem There is no problem you but in the textbook Rehmannia When you leaning stomach in a woman has been listed as a substitute in Sadako.


also often use ginger and dried ginger As it is drying those obtained by the ginger it is . Dried ginger is ginger that has been heated The ginger and InuiKyo of because the use is different care you need. The remains efficacy of ginger sweating is Steamed person , InuiKyo who is warm the internal organs will Toka well ginger is warm various discussion Toka cool is Oh you will , but , originally the efficacy by way of processing different . Warm the ginger. If the ginger is left as it is warm it at first, but cool it at the end because it causes sweating Ginger is to warm and cool If you warm the internal organs InuiKyo is I often use ginger in the summer or when I want to sweat People with poor circulation use the steamed one People of poor circulation is working hard ginger taken to have, Toka if if raw is the ginger as it dried not last cold though you were Ruyatsu Runode is there is no sense at all However, ginger is used in the sense that it emits steam from the surface of the skin Therefore, ginger is good if you do n't have poor circulation and want to get rid of heat more and more So I wrote in the previous

kakkonto have you Kakkonto is temporarily out of the steam contains the ginger when that want to because that. But with poor circulation "water poison ginger to the person that's using Uno is useless is The person should use steamed ginger completely In fact just to prepare the gastrointestinal was a story that is a good carrot to Loose stools people of carrot hot water that prescription using the intends it was a story that carrots hot water contains is actually ginger to have you, but Are You the ginger steamed In other words, it contains ginger Gastrointestinal is're doing that arrange in a carrot to warm the carrot hot water , so , InuiKyo use the person of .